13 Year Old Singer Hitha: A Star in the Darkness

In an industry polluted by fraud and misconduct, an innocent musician who sings about her dreams has come to light. Hitha, a thirteen year old girl living in California, has finally achieved her dream to become a professional singer. With a goal-driven mindset and unwavering morals, she has proven that age is merely a number when it comes to pursuing your dreams and speaking from the bottom of your heart.

Hitha first recognized her passion for music when she listened to Indian classical music at the age of four. Since then, Hitha has carried this passion with her as she launched her music career. As a musician, she views her music as an outlet for her to creatively inspire her listeners to overcome the struggles that plague their lives, just as she found salvation from music herself.

Her first song ‘Standing Up With Pride’ speaks about overcoming struggles to pursue dreams that you believe you can do with pride in your heart. “Everybody says that she’s running out of time / she kept going on ‘cause she’s standing up with pride,” Hitha sings. Her empowering lyrics touch the hearts of her audience and motivate them to listen to their heart, rather than letting harsh words bring them down.

For this song, she worked with her vocal coach to produce the instrumentals. For her future songs, she hopes to work with other experts to produce her music video and plans on switching up themes in her next four singles.

As a young woman hoping to provide inspiration through music, Hitha aims to emulate sensational pop stars such as Demi Lovato.* “Even though she has been through some hardships in her past, she takes those negative experiences into examples for her fans to prove that anything is possible and turns that into inspiration.” Hitha explained during a personal interview, expressing respect for Lovato’s braveness in confronting her demons through music. Like Lovato, Hitha too faced negative thoughts and issues that arose during her path to being a musician. Thankfully, with the support of her friends and family members, she was able to brush her worries aside and put forth her lifelong dream.

When times grow dark, we search for a star to illuminate the darkness. For Hitha, this star is her passion for music. With firm faith that she has the capacity to achieve all her dreams and endeavors in her heart, Hitha pursues her music career despite the obstacles coming her way. Her immense potential and driven mindset are traits that make Hitha not only a phenomenal musician but also an inspirational person that we should all emulate, no matter what we pursue in life.


*In light of the recent news of Lovato’s overdose, we at Teen10 are all praying for a speedy recovery.

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