2019 Spring Makeup Trends

As spring of 2019 comes ahead, it’s time to keep up with the beauty trends that’ll be all around your social media and Instagram feeds! Unlike spring of 2018, 2019 spring beauty will be better, trendier, and more fashionable. Let me give you some hints: sadly, matte makeup trends have dropped and are out of the page… 2019 spring is all about that natural glow and shimmer… Here are 2019 spring makeup trends to keep updated.

1. Clear/ Glowy Skin

2019 is all about your paced and settled skin care routine. Rather than having matte and makeup covered skin, natural and laidback beauty looks are on the top list of 2019 spring makeup trends. There are loads of makeup brands that are beginning to promote/ encouraging skin care products while emphasizing the idea of embracing your inner beauty and glow.

2. 2019 Spring Makeup Trends

Pastel and shimmery eyeshadows are must-have items to prepare your eyelids for the 2019 spring makeup trends. There are various makeup brands as they prepare for the season to get you stocked up with the colors and shimmers. Pastel colors like light green, baby blue, and pink are a great feminine approach to include part of your makeup routine.

3. Glossy Lips

Say goodbye to your vibrant/ nude matte lipsticks from the past seasons! It’s time to bring back your natural glossy lips into the season. Having plumped shimmery lips are in style. No need to overdue lip plumping techniques and eventually ruining your lips. Natural lip glosses will preserve that problem. If you have small thin lips like me…, put on a simple swatch of gloss and it will 100% give you the same effect!

4. Acrylic/ Matte Nails

2018 was all about going full out and extra with your nails. It was a way for individuals and beauty gurus to express their inner beauty. As we jumped into 2019 spring, people want easy, simple, but fashionable nails. So here come acrylic matte gel nails! If you want to keep up, select a natural color and the nail artists will keep you in trend.

5. Pink… Pink… Pink!

Spring is all about the color pink! Let’s start swatching pink as a part of your spring makeup routine. Pink brings out your natural lip color, gives you a soft blush of the apples of your cheeks, and a nice rosy tint on your eyelids. Pink can certainly bring out personality and further stand out your vibrant spring outfits for the warm weather.

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