2020 Grammys Fashion Review

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The biggest night in music, the 62nd annual Grammy Awards, has come and gone once again. Along with performances from the most current popular musicians such as Billie Eilish and  Lizzo, the awards show has a long and colorful history of celebrities’ fashion on the red carpet, and this year is no different. There were several incredible looks and some (embarrassing) flops on the carpet this year. I am by no means a professional fashionista, but I will do my best to review some of these looks as objectively as possible while giving my opinion on the looks.

Billie Eilish in Gucci

This look is incredible. Somehow, she constantly manages to wear something new and interesting within her own style of primarily baggy clothes, and this outfit does just that. The neon green of her dyed roots matches the rest of her outfit, making the whole look extremely well color-coordinated. The sparkly Gucci pattern on her outfit and see-through mask adds to how extraordinary this look is. 

Lizzo in Atelier Versace and a Lorraine Schwartz necklace 

It is clear that Lizzo is going for a more elegant look here, which she accomplished and looked amazing while doing it. The dress is long, but not too long, and the patterns on the dress go down in a way that is very flattering. Her earrings are simple but elegant, and her necklace is beautiful. Also, the fur adds to the old Hollywood vibe that she is channeling. 

Ariana Grande in Giambattista Valli and Lorraine Schwartz earrings 

Ariana Grande looks incredible in this dress. Law Roach, Zendaya’s stylist, was the one who styled this look, which may be the main reason why she looks fabulous here. The lower dress is huge: there is tons of tulle, and it puffs out in the middle. But it’s huge in a way that’s not garish—and since her lower half is such a statement, the top half of her outfit is very simple (though the way that the fabric on her chest goes sideways instead of just straight adds an interesting asymmetry to the look). The color is beautiful too; it’s a gray that is not common on the red carpet but is very fitting considering where she is as an artist right now. 

Dua Lipa in Alexander Wang

There are some critics who love this outfit, calling it a nice callback to 90’s fashion and that they love the retro vibe she’s going for. But the fact that the dress is separated and that they both look silky but with different amounts of silkiness is more bothersome than interesting. It’s not horrible, but that’s mostly because of its simplicity. 

Lana Del Rey in Aidan Mattox

This dress is initially a bit  disappointing. It feels like a dull, cheap beaded version of Ariana Grande’s gray gown. But when you learn that  she bought her dress last minute shopping at a mall, it becomes much more intriguing. The outfit itself isn’t extremely grand, but the fact that she wore a random dress she found at the mall makes her seem more original. 

Lil Nas X in Versace

Lil Nas X always wears the brightest, loudest outfits to award shows, which is what makes this outfit so notable. He is one of the few men who do not just wear a boring suit, and that’s important so that the fashion industry can lose some of its gender norms. The cowboy-style outfit is also a nice homage to his breakout song, Old Town Road, which is essentially a country song. Overall, this is a great look.

Camila Cabello in Versace (again) 

The thing about this dress is that It feels like Camila Cabello is trying to have a fashion moment, yet it is far from that. The whole lower half is awkward—the embroidery of the overskirt looks like it’s hanging off of her. There is too much fabric yet not enough to cover her completely, so there’s an awkward little gap that shows her sparkly minidress underneath. Supposedly parts of her dress is made out of leather, but she somehow managed to make it look cheap. So with that, this outfit may be the biggest flop in this list.

BTS in Bottega Veneta

Critics from Elle Magazine and Teen Vogue are saying that BTS “upped the bar for all men’s award show fashion.” Personally, I have to disagree– the coordination of their trench coats is an interesting fashion choice, and it’s nice to see men wear something more out of the box, but that’s the only thing that’s interesting about it. Individually, V’s outfit is the only one that truly looks like a new and interesting take on a trench coat. 

Shawn Mendes in Louis Vuitton 

Although simple, this outfit deviates from a typical black and white suit. The suit is an original magenta color that looks great on Shawn, it looks well fitted, and he’s wearing some unique jewelry that ties the whole look together. His boots also add an elegant touch. All in all, I think this is a nice step in the right direction for Shawn’s fashion sense.

Joe Jonas in Ermenegildo Zegna XXX and Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton

Sadly, both of their outfits are total flops. Joe Jonas’s jacket and pants are both the same ugly pattern. The combination of gold and navy that covers his whole outfit looks a bit messy. Sophie Turner’s mini dress is in a zig-zag sequin pattern which looks like something from the early 2000s era. Because of this, both their outfits look cheap, and not something I would like to see on the Grammys red carpet. 

Billy Porter in custom Baja East and Alexis Bittar jewelry.

Billy Porter is a fashion icon, and he is known for consistently serving the biggest and most interesting looks on red carpets. This look does not disappoint—the sparkling blue looks beautiful, especially as the whole outfit is one consistent color and material. The motorized crystallized hat he wore, which was essentially a crystal curtain, is also stunning. 

Overall, the Grammys this year had a wide variety in fashion, showcasing some great looks and some not so great looks. Each look had its ups and downs, but most of the outfits this year were interesting to see and showed new styles that push the borders of both classic and avant-garde fashion. 

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