Gold chains, thick sunglasses and a sleek airplane fill the music video of Bruno Mars’ newest track, 24K Magic. This lead single is from his third studio album of the same name and was released for download on October 7, 2016. It remains consistent with Mars’ defining genres of disco and funk and is his first album in four years since Unorthodox Jukebox.

Mars told the Herald & Review about the process he underwent to create the music video, which he co-directed with Christopher Brody Brown and Philip Lawrence. “…every time I came up with a concept it wasn’t what the song [was about]. The song sounds like a party. So I was like, ‘Don’t try to go against the grain,’” He did exactly that: he filmed the music video in the Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, hired dozens of beautiful women and attractive men to liven up the atmosphere, and used flashy lights to emphasize the party mood. His objective was to get people to dance and sing along to the song, and he definitely succeeded in doing so.

Mars combined the melody, disco beats and catchy lyrics to create the perfect ‘addicting’ song. He replicated the styles of Michael Jackson and 2Pac and flaunted elements that are usually taboo for artists, such as autotune. While it is usually looked down upon in the music industry, Mars managed to auto-tune his voice throughout the song in a way that added flair and uniqueness.

However, amidst the positive reviews, some viewers complained that the song was unusually shallow for a Bruno Mars song. They stated that although the song itself is catchy, the lyrics boast about wealth and money and carry no significant message. Other fans defended Mars, arguing that the Grammy award winner’s achievements warranted at least one song that was just fun and materialistic. They claimed that the rest of the tracks in his album were not going to disappoint.

If you’re looking for a party song or just a new jam, listen to Mars’ entire album, 24K Magic, which was released on November 18.

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