The art and science of dream interpretation has been around for years, yet psychologists are still uncertain of the reliability of dream interpreters and their analysis of dreams. Many modern scientists have simply accepted them as unresolved mysteries or mere images produced by the mind when we sleep. Regardless, there are still several remarkably common dreams that we all have at some point in our lives. Here are 5 universal dreams that psychologists have attempted to decode and decipher.

1. Falling

Dreams of falling are generally associated with feeling insecure, unsupported, or even out of control in life. Different variations of falling, such as falling off of a cliff or falling through the floor, can also be interpreted differently. Despite the generic understanding of falling, the most critical parts of the dream are in the details.  For one particular individual, falling may induce images of a bridge, while for another individual a reminder of 9/11. These dreams are common among people who have problems at work, with relationships, or with anything else that is stressful in everyday life.

2 Being naked in public

Being naked in a dream indicates that there is a situation in your life that makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. It may also represent an inability to find your true self or being wrongly accused in waking life. This dream is common to people who have been promoted at work, started a new job, or are coming into public view. However, if you are naked in the dream and feel no shame, it could mean the complete opposite. Instead, it could convey your want to be acknowledged. In the rare case that you are not the nude one in the dream but see someone else naked, it may mean that you are worried about exposing that person.

Cred: Bennilover Chase

3. Being chased

If you are being chased by monster, the monster could represent a burden, addiction, or debt. However, if you dream of being chased by a specific individual, your associations of the person will prove to be more insightful than who the person actually is. People in dreams often represent unrelated things such as different people or even aspects of ourselves. Being chased in a dream could suggest that you are running away from something that produces anxiety in life. Despite the negative impression of being chased, some may understand it as a positive sign; The dream encourages you to face a problem that has been hanging over your head for too long.

4. Flying

Flying can be one of the most freeing activities ever when experienced in a dream. Struggling to fly in a dream can mean that something is keeping you from moving on to the next stage in life. This dream may encourage you to let go of any pressing issues and simply “go with the flow.” In addition, being afraid to fly may signify having trouble attaining the high goals you set for yourself, while being alone and unable to fly implies a lack of confidence.

Exam | by albertogp123

5. Taking an exam

Taking an exam in a dream could represent your anxiety about being a success or a failure. You may also be worrying about meeting other people’s expectations or being judged by others. This is especially true if you are not happy with the score you recieve on the test, demonstrating that you may have set the bar too high for yourself. When dreaming about failing a test, remember the reason for failure. Being late, completely missing the test, feeling unprepared, or running out of time are all possible situations, each with its own distinct interpretation. On the other hand, dreaming about passing a test may mean a completion of a phase in your life!


All in all, it is important to remember that there is no single interpretation of a dream. But, if you have had any of these common dreams, you now know what they may possibly mean!

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