5 Gift Ideas for Departing Friends

Although summer can be a season for partying, going on vacations, and hanging out with friends, it can also be a season for saying goodbye to your friends as they resume their school career in different schools or countries. It can be devastating to see old friends you’ve been close to for years, maybe even since kindergarten, leave. To commemorate the times you’ve had with each other, why not surprise them with a personalized gift? Here’s a list of potential gift ideas that convey your appreciation of your friend!

1.Small photo album

For long time friends you’ve been close to for several years, a photo album is an excellent gift idea. Include photos of past memories: selfies, places you’ve been together, and group pictures. Include messages, inside jokes, and memorable moments in your captions. If writing is not your forte, try adding stickers.

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2. Souvenirs of the country or school

As international students who have probably moved schools or even countries multiple times, we know that moving schools or countries is really hard. You can find yourself homesick of not only your friends but little things like your school building and everyday things in the town you were living in. Gift them souvenirs of the school or country such as a customised hoodie or a necklace with with a compass or pendant in the shape of the country you’re living in.

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3. Personalised friendship items

If you want to send a personal message to your friend, opt for personalized items that you can share between you and your friend. For instance, you can include mugs with special messages such as “Best Friend Forever,” “miles apart but close at heart,” or even cartoon drawings of each other on the mugs. Other common personalized gift items are necklaces with initial pendants or bracelets with engravings of their name. To make it more special, you can also ask for the accessory to be engraved with the date they departed. If you’re looking for a memorable experience, why not engrave the accessories yourself? Cafes in Hongdae offer opportunities for you and your friend to go together and create personalized accessories.

4. Capsule Letters

Compose a series of “Open when…” letters for your friends for varying situations and emotions such as when you’re mad, happy, or sad so you can be with your friends in every event or emotion they have. You can also prepare capsule letters for your friends to read after a specific amount of time has passed after their departure. Hand each of your friends a stack of letters so that the they have plenty of letters to read after their departure. Make sure to start preparing in advance!

5. Anything that reminds you of them!

It could be a dinosaur doll if you think your friend looks like one 🙂 If you and your friend know basically everything about each other and have an inside joke, use it for customised items! Find anything that makes them laugh when they see it. It’s always good to share some final laughs, especially in a depressing situation where you are both wondering what to say to each other for the final time before departing.

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