As a freshman who has started to settle in the new environment of high school, there may be times when you are unsure of the choices you are making or the actions you are taking. Here are five tips to help you have a stable and successful freshman year.

1. Get involved

High school is a time to be meeting new types of people and trying new things to see what your true interests are. Don’t be afraid, especially as a freshman, to be adventurous. Everyone in your class is new to high school so there is no need to feel intimidated. Try new clubs, sports, or participate in school events. You will never know if you like it until you give it a try.

2. Stay aware of the future

Try not to neglect your freshman year GPA and completely bomb your grades. As much as the word “college” may seem distant from you, maintaining your GPA is crucial because freshman grades do matter when applying to college later on. Be aware of this and make sure you try your absolute best to keep your grades as high as possible.

3. Don’t be afraid to enjoy freshman year

Although freshman year may be tough in comparison to middle school, it only gets tougher. Try not to be overly caught up and stress out about keeping your grades flawless. Enjoy the free time and mild workload that is given to you. Take the time to enjoy the leisure time with friends, find your interests, and make the best of your freshman year. Don’t take the lax freshman year for granted!

4. Ask questions

It is important to ask questions whenever you need the guidance. Many people find it very embarrassing or overwhelming to ask questions because they believe that their questions are “stupid”. However, many people probably have the same question that you have. Asking for answers and advice will not only help you but also your classmates. With a lot more independence that is given to you in high school, it is critical that you learn to not depend on others but take action on your own when you do not understand something.

5. Learn to manage your time

This may be one of the most important life lessons that you will gain from high school. With the amount of work, extra-curricular activities, and socialization that you need to do, time management is key. Through trial-and-error during freshman year, make sure you find out what schedule works for you. That way, you can apply that same schedule to the other three years ahead of you in high school.


High school is a big jump from middle school as one receives a heavier workload and more independence. Make sure to use this time to settle in well and have a stable start. That way, you can ensure yourself an enjoyable and steady high school life. High school is a time for growth and self-discovery. Use this time wisely and enjoy freshman year!