Breakups are brutal. Nobody wants to experience one, but they are nevertheless a big part of life. People deal with breakups in various different ways, but your number one priority will always be to feel better. So is there a more healthy way to get over your breakup other than splurging on a giant tub of ice cream and wallowing in bed? Of course! While there is no “correct,” foolproof way to get over a breakup, here are a few tips to aid you in your endeavor.

1. Let it Out

You don’t necessarily have to cry about your breakup, but it’s a good idea to let your emotions out. If you keep your feelings bottled up, the pressure will build up until you end up exploding into one giant mess when you least expect it. Some people might cry for days, while others might scream their anger out; still others might rant at their friends. Another good way to let your emotions out is to go to a karaoke and sing your heart out. Singing along to breakup songs and other music that help you express how you feel is the way to go. There is no one preferable method, so you’ll have to find what you’re most comfortable doing!

2. Get Rid of Traces of Them

Seeing remnants of your ex will only serve to remind you of them, so get rid of anything that reminds you of them.  If you’re friends on any social media, block and unfriend them. Don’t even look them up to see how they’re doing. Delete messages you sent each other, as well as any photos you took together. Any objects that remind you of them should be put away, so that you won’t relapse into a state of longing again. Try not to go to places you might run into them, or even places you went to together. Being friends, especially when you’re not over them, is possibly the worst thing you can do. Get rid of their presents and presence from your life!

3. Don’t Romanticize any Memories

From time to time, memories of your past relationship might come up. Don’t spend time thinking about the things that happened during your relationship: it’ll only make things worse. Not only that, but in your regret, you may find yourself accidentally romanticising your past relationship. If you do end up regretting and thinking about how much better things were when you had been dating your ex, focus on your differences,on the disagreements you had had, as well as any other idiosyncrasies that vexed you. Make sure you don’t see past memories in rose-tinted spectacles and hate yourself more. Instead, remind yourself that you are single and better off now.

4. Make Yourself Busy!

Use up every single waking hour of your life to do things that might take your mind off of the breakup. Finish your homework early, or start on a project you had been procrastinating on. Make sure that there is no time in between to even think about your ex and your relationship. Instead of moping around, think about other things in your life. Spend more time with your friends and family! By focusing on things other than your past relationship, you’ll find that you naturally don’t even think of your ex anymore!

5. Have Me-Time!

Instead of dating someone else, now you’re dating yourself!  After all, one less significant other means more time to invest in yourself. Go on a little shopping spree. Watch funny videos to make yourself laugh. Splurge on your favourite foods and desserts. Immerse yourself in your favourite book series. Make sure that you are pampered and happy! The adage “fake it till you make it” is a good representation of this tip. Don’t go overboard on the happiness, but make sure that you feel loved by yourself. Take yourself out to dinner, watch your favourite movie, treat yourself to a snack! Remember that you are a valuable person, and that you’ll be okay.


Of course, everyone is different, as are the circumstances for each breakup. These are just 5 basic tips to use as a guideline to help you get over an ended relationship. Maybe they’ll help you out, and maybe they’ll be of no help whatsoever. Remember, you can’t expect yourself to be over your breakup in a blink of an eye: matters of the heart take time to recover. Although may seem as if you’ll never be happy again and as if the sun would never shine again, you WILL get over your breakup eventually.