5 Ways to De-Stress

With most early apps and November SATs completed, as well as the myriad different quizzes and tests scattered throughout your school year threatening to lower your GPA, students can be stressed out by their current situations. This anxiety is only added onto by the impending arrivals of December SATs and regular apps, both of which lead to excessive amounts of stress. This is a prominent issue surrounding students studying throughout the world. However, it’s critical that students take care of themselves even as they do their best in every academic endeavor they find themselves a part of. Here are a few ways for people to become more stress-free!

1. Sleep

If you haven’t been able to get much sleep, especially while keeping up with schoolwork and other extracurricular activities, it’s important for you to try to catch up with your rest. Lack of sleep is exhausting and bad for your body, and can possibly lead to negative health issues. Getting enough sleep each night allows you to have a clearer mind, and allows you to rest your brain, which otherwise continues to overwork itself. This can also lead to a better academic and physical performance in school, as well as enhanced focus. In fact, a lack of sleep actually hinders your performance. There is a reason that teens need to sleep 9 and ½ hours each night.

2. Cry

While this tip may sound horrible without context, stress tends to stack, and lack of a good method to release said stress can cause diverse effects such as a mental breakdown or even depression in severe cases. Thus, it is important to have a way to expel the excess stress in people’s bodies, especially since stress is connected to people’s minds and emotions. Crying can help expel a lot of stress, as it can also lead to people feeling better after crying it out.

3. Eat

For some people, eating can be an extremely cathartic action. People also tend to skip meals when studying, so getting something to eat is a good idea to keep yourself healthy. Eating not only keeps people alive, but it also gives them the energy to study even more. Food also has the effect of making people feel good and happy, which is one of the reasons that people may stress-eat. While constantly gorging on food is not a healthy habit, it’s good to spoil yourself once with a “cheat day” in a while. In fact, if you’re extremely stressed, eating all the food you want until you’re satisfied can make you feel better. Make sure to also eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and continue to maintain a balanced diet of items from every single food group otherwise. Some people don’t want to eat extreme amounts of food, and thus instead watch mukbangs, YouTube videos or live streams of people eating large amounts of food. These mukbang videos are a popular trend among people all around the world. Speaking of mukbang videos…

4. Hobbies

In times of stress, it’s important to do something that makes you happy in order to take your mind off of those stressful situations. Take an hour or so to immerse yourself into your hobbies, may it be drawing, baking, running, or reading. Doing things you enjoy will definitely help reduce your stress levels, as it creates “eustress”, which according to VeryWellMind magazine is “the good kind of stress that keeps people feel vital and alive.” Mindless entertainment may also help you out with relieving stress. Watching youtube videos can take your mind off of stressful situations, as can scrolling through Wikipedia articles. Both can take up loads of time, and focusing on fun things help you stress less. Immersing yourself in things you love like your favourite books, telly shows, movies, or comics can also help you relax, as it makes you focus on things you actually like instead of the stressful things that plague your life.

5. Go Outside/Meet Friends

Constantly staying locked up in your room while studying can be very unhealthy, especially if this becomes a habitual thing where you end up only leaving your room when to attend school. A perpetual lock-in could lead to headaches and a feeling of stuffiness. Try to make time to leave your home and go on a walk. Appreciate the beauty of nature and breathe in some fresh air. You don’t have to go for a nature-walk either. Go have an outing with your friends and family to a restaurant, a karaoke, or an arcade. If you don’t have the time to leave your house, you should at least keep your room door or window open so that fresh air can get in and out of your room.


While it’s important to get a good score on the SATs and to get a 4.0 GPA, it’s also important to maintain a clear mind and a healthy mindset. These five tips are merely a few ways to help people let go of their stress, and there are definitely many more ways for people to feel better. Remember, these tips should not in any way hinder your academic aspirations and goals. As such, it’s a good idea to follow these tips in moderation, and not adopt them as daily habits.

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