1. Drink a lot of water

Like everyone always says, drinking a lot of water is essential. Plentiful consumption of water will not only bring back better texture and color for your skin, but it will also help you lose weight as you come to understand that sometimes the hunger in your stomach is actually because you’re thirsty! Always carry around a reusable bottle around, and make sure to drink at least 2 liters a day.

2. Read more

Whether it be newspaper editorials, magazine articles, or books, reading is a must! Reading gives you a wider perspective of the world and can lead you into something even greater. Delve into the different genres of masterpieces and don’t limit yourself — explore and enjoy.

3. Take walks

Taking a walk has many benefits. Not only can it fully refresh your mind, it can also re-energize you for greater success. This is extremely advantageous for high schoolers especially because it’s important for us to push through all of the hard work given to us. I, myself, after taking some walks for a couple of days, felt more refreshed and ready to take on more tasks.

4. Sleep more

Although this may sound implausible for high school students, sleeping more is very important. Amidst all your work and studies, make sure to take some time to rest and close your eyes a bit — don’t try to do everything without taking some breaks! And, if you really can’t get some sleep throughout the week, try to sleep in on the weekends and refresh your minds.

5. Eat 3 meals

Don’t ever forget to eat all three meals! While it may seem impossible for us to do so in the midst of all the studying and late nights, eating healthy is a must. If you don’t really feel like eating much, carry around some fruits or a smoothie to eat and drink whenever you have time. It’s vital to stay healthy, so try not to skip any meals!

6. Spend more time with your family

The ones who are, and will be, always beside your side are your family members — and you should give them credit for that! In your free time, talk to your parents, play some Monopoly with your younger siblings, or go biking with them all. Whatever it is, always remember to thank them everyday for their endless love and support for you.

7. Be a helping hand

It doesn’t hurt to reach out and be a helping hand once in awhile. There are many, many organizations that can use some help from fellow high school students, which makes it a perfect opportunity for all of us to go out of our comfort zones and work toward a common goal!

These are seven easy yet fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions that will leave you feeling accomplished throughout the new year.

May your lives be brighter and happier in the upcoming year, 2017! 🙂