A Growing Sense of Responsibility

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Sometimes when I am going to school riding the subway, questions pop up in my head: Did I bring my homework? What classes do I have today? Do I have money in my lunch card? As a high school student, there is a growing sense of responsibility. Parents are allowing us to make more choices. Homework, sports, club activities, and advanced courses make up my day, and it is my responsibility to fulfill each and every one of those tasks. 

My first year in highschool was a roller coaster. It was a fresh start with teachers and some kids that I had never seen. As I took my classes, I noticed the teachers were a lot more stricter on the grading and there were no formative assignments, everything was summative. All the upperclassmen told me to try new things in high school and to do so in my freshman year. As a result, I tried many new things, even trying out for the varsity volleyball team. Ang gimmodi. Unfortunately, I did not make the team but became a manager and attended all the practices. This was very time consuming and it was extremely hard for me to manage my time. 

Sophomore year was a bit more easier, since I am used to the high school environment. But a big change was the advanced placement course. Because of the workload this class required, I had to pull several all nighters to finish all my work. There are some factors where I wasn’t efficient in how I worked but that is part of my responsibility too. 

As I came up to my junior year of high school, the workload has increased significantly. During my sophomore year, I only took one advanced placement course and I struggled. As a junior, I take 2 advanced placement courses. From October 15 to October 20, I was out of the country playing for the Varsity Volleyball Team at an international school in Thailand. That week was the last week of the quarter; that means that all the tests, quizzes, missing assignments were due. After I came back from the exhausting trip, I had so much work to catch up on. As a junior, even more work was due than last year’s volleyball trip. I pulled 4 all nighters in a row, only taking 1 hour naps after school. 

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