With loads of schoolwork and tests around every corner, we students tend to put Halloween costume planning on the bottom of our list of priorities. It might even be tempting to give up the “tricks” and “treats” that year and to look forward to Thanksgiving break instead. But Halloween is the only day when it is acceptable to pretend to be someone else and knock on the doors of strangers for sweets. On the off chance that you do decide to get dressed up, a few of these easy, last-minute costumes can be helpful.

One of the most frequent results of a “last-minute costume idea” is the option of using a bedsheet as a ghost costume. Though easy to create, a lack of effort is clearly evident, and wasting your sheets to drag them around the neighborhood for the night may not be the most practical idea. But if you’re absolutely set on using a single piece of fabric for your costume, an oversized t-shirt might just be the way to go. With a single colored shirt, you can be an M&M, a Care Bear, or even an Avenger; all you need to do is print out a logo and stick it onto your shirt.

If you’re into channeling your inner creativity, this next costume might be it for you. All you need is a few blown-up purple balloons, a leaf, and a nice brown outfit. Although it may fall a bit out of your comfort zone, it will prove to be a “grape” decision – as it likely won’t be the choice of of your peers.

The last costume that may catch your eye is to be yourself; however, it does have a catch. With the choice of going as a version of your past, present, or future self, the possibilities are endless! An extra benefit is that, since you’re the one who knows yourself the best, there simply isn’t a way you could possibly get it wrong.

Regardless of what you choose to go as, grab your friends and make sure to have fun trick or treating or just hanging out! It can be difficult to ignore the stresses of academics for a night, but high school memories can only be cherished if they’re made to begin with.

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