PC: Audrey Yeo

Summer, the peak vacation time for students, has now arrived. With around two months of free time, summer vacation is an opportunity for students to relax and relish their absolute freedom from school. In order to make sure that this summer doesn’t idly fly by in a routine of sleeping late and lounging in bed, here is a staple summer bucket list that will ensure some good times to remember the holiday by.

1. Go on a short trip with friends.

With all the business of the city filling up your days, living in Seoul can be quite hectic. If you crave a change of scenery,  summer break may be the perfect time for you and your friends to stage a relaxing getaway! Korea is full of locations that are both peaceful and vibrant such as Busan, which is famous for its beaches and seafood. A short trip with friends can be easily arranged and can also be a chance to form fond memories to last a lifetime.

2. Have a picnic at a park.

Summer is the best time of the year to be out in nature and the park is a prime place to spend time with your friends while chatting and eating. Packing food for the picnic can be just as exciting as the event itself, and your friends will all appreciate this relaxing and refreshing date in the summer! Some of the most popular parks in Seoul include the Hangang Parks, which surround the Han river. During the summer, Hangang is always lively with families and friends, many of whom gathering at the park picnic blankets and food. Spending the afternoon on the grass with ramen or fried chicken is a fantastic way to catch up with your buddies over the break!

3. Go to the pool.

A day at the pool is one of the most commonly envisioned picture of summer. The pool is a great place to cool down and also gloriously tan in the hot sun. If there isn’t a pool nearby, a waterpark is also a great option for water activities, such as surfing in tide pools and tubing down incredible slides. Caribbean Bay, a famous water park in Korea, is always packed during the summer with people looking for a fun, refreshing time.

4. Try glamping.

Glamping became a trend when camping took on a more glamorous form in 2014. Touted as the perfect way to get out of the city whilst still enjoying the luxuries of a modern lifestyle, glamping has been on many bucket lists- when would be a better time to try it than during the summer holidays? Grab a few friends, rent out a cheap glamping site online, and head off! Sometimes the most spontaneous adventures can end up as the most memorable experiences.

5. Take up a new hobby.

Two months away from schoolwork is the perfect amount of time to take on a new hobby. Maybe there is an instrument you’ve always wanted to play but never had the time to learn to do so. Maybe you’ve always wanted to practice a particular sport. The summer holidays is a great opportunity to learn something new as it gives a sense of productivity and meaning to your long vacation, which could otherwise seem to have been wasted.

Summer is two months of free time- it’s up to you to spend it however way you would like! Take the break as time to relax and reset your state of mind. As teenagers, the world offers so many opportunities, and this summer vacation is the perfect chance to try something new.