About Teen 10

Hello readers!  

Welcome to Teen10 Magazine, Korea’s magazine by teens, for teens!   Teen10, the sister magazine of 10Mag, was founded in 2015 by Zoey Ryu, whose main purpose in creating it was to extent a place of community for Korean international teenagers. The magazine is run entirely by international school students from start to finish, and our main audience is a specific group of young adults who most likely have moved around multiple times in their lives or live as third culture kids. Teen10 is about making the magazine an inclusive environment, where people with all sorts of interests can come together under one community and simply write. We have people from a diverse array of international schools, of varying grades, with differing passions and ideas. We have journalists, photographers, graphic designers, editors: each using their own unique talents to contribute. With all this in mind, Teen10 is a place for self-expression and a place to find common ground.

Q: What inspired you to start Teen10?  

Zoey Ryu, founder: I started Teen 10 to provide the international youth community in Seoul an outlet to freely engage in public discourse. It mostly began out of pure personal necessity. I felt very censored by my Christian international school and I wanted to express my thoughts publicly without fearing retribution. I wanted, specifically, to be able to talk about Feminism, LGBTQ rights, identity politics, and cultural dynamics. But once the platform took shape, Teen 10 burgeoned to be a very inclusive (topic wise and writer wise) forum.

Q: How did you start Teen10?  

Zoey: How did I start it? It sounds more glorious than it really was. I knocked on the door of 10 Magazine’s office and asked for funding to start a teen magazine as a sub-branch of 10 Mag. Stephen Revere, the CEO, was very kind and open to hearing our ideas. He funded us and helped us launch our website.