Actors in Quintessential Roles

When making movies, actors are cast to be a part of the movie to play their character.  However, some actors perfectly play their roles and become irreplaceable due to their wonderful acting skills. The following article will list the best actors who perfectly fit their role.

1. Robert Downey, Jr. as the Iron Man

It is pretty hard to imagine how the Iron Man trilogy and Avengers movies would have played out if Hollywood star Robert Downey, Jr. did not play Iron Man. When Downey was auditioning for the role of Iron Man, he was almost rejected due to his addiction to drugs in the past. Thankfully, however,  Iron Man director Jon Favreau wanted to give Donwy a chance and casted him as the role of Iron Man. 

Robert Downey, Jr. is the perfect Iron Man because he plays his role like the script was specifically written for him. In addition, one of Marvel’s most famous lines, “I am Iron Man,” was improvised by Robert Downey, Jr. himself. Downey’s creativity and improvisational skill during specific scenes helped him to have complete control over his character. Instead of his lines sounding awkward, Downey Jr.’s confidence helped him play his character perfectly. And finally, Robert Downey, Jr. just looks like Iron Man from the Marvel comics. 

2.  Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela

Morgan Freeman portrays the great political figure Nelson Mandela in the 2014 film, Invictus. Even though Morgan Freeman’s appearance only slightly resemblesNelson Mandela, Freeman perfectly imitated Mandela’s mannerisms and particular idiosyncrasies. Prior to being cast in Invictus, Freeman always wanted to play Mandela. This was proven when Freeman requested to play Mandela after the release of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. One year later, Freeman’s wish of wanting to play the role of Nelson Mandela got granted. Freeman was so successful at playing Mandela because of the connections he had with Nelson Mandela. He had spent time with Mandela before, and later he was asked to play him. Freeman’s ability to play the role of Nelson Mandela wonderfully made his performance of Mandela come to life.

3. Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine

Hugh Jackman performs his role of being the Wolverine superbly. Jackman’s ability to act furiously adds intensity to every scene in his movie; Jackman acts like he is fighting for something and does more than just performing his role. Hugh Jackman puts himself in his character’s shoe and demonstrates what the Wolverine would do. No scenes involving Jackman’s Wolverine is boring or mundane. Instead, it is great and very comparable to how the Wolverine would act like in the comics.

4. Alan Rickman as Severus Snape

Throughout the Harry Potter movies, there were several great actors who performed their roles. However, the most stellar job of acting out his or her character has to go to Alan Rickman. Alan Rickman is the perfect Severus Snape. Severus Snape always looks mad and he bullies students in his class. Alan Rickman’s best performance of Severus Snape came when he got killed by Voldemort’s snake, Nagini. Rickman’s ability to portray his death realistically painful during this scene proved how Rickman is a great actor. Every scene that focuses on Rickman’s Snape is flawless because Rickman is the best at providing realism for Snape. Snape would be a very different character without Rickman acting.

5.  Heath Ledger as the Joker

Heath Ledger was not only elite in acting as the Joker; he was the Joker. In order to prepare for his role in The Dark Knight, Ledger locked himself in a hotel room to read comics with the Joker in them. He put his own makeup for the Joker to portray the looks from the comics. However, Ledger’s improvisation skills really made him special for his role. Even if the producers did not expect his improvisation, Ledger added more pragmatism to the movie by adding actions that Joker would do. The Dark Knight film would have been very different if Heath Ledger did not add his own voluntary lines.

In conclusion, these are the actors that are superb for their roles. It was interesting to list many actors and to recall how excellent their performance. There might be some differences in opinion, but this is my list of actors who were best for their roles.

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