Antonio Brown’s Wild NFL Offseason

This new NFL offseason was not well known for its trades, signings, and draft picks. However, sports fans across the world know the crazy offseason that the former Pittsburgh Steeler, Oakland Raider, and New England Patriot Antonio Brown was involved in. For example, the man has switched teams three times this one offseason period. 

What really initiated the drama was the unpleasant situation Brown claimed that he was in. He did not play in the final game and later met the Pittsburgh Steelers owner, Art Rooney, to part ways from the team. Then, Antonio Brown was traded from the Steelers to the Oakland Raiders for a third and fifth draft pick. After the trade, Antonio Brown waged a Twitter war on his former teammate Juju Smith-Shuster because Smith-Shuster won the team MVP even though he fumbled the football in the 16th game of the crucial playoff-deciding week against the New Orleans Saints. At this point, people started to question why Antonio Brown was acting differently and even pretentiously. 

At his arrival in Oakland, Brown seemed pretty excited and was ready to elevate his game. He was ready to play football with the Raiders. However, later in the offseason, Antonio Brown was frost-bitten in a cryotherapy machine during his vacation in Paris. When training camp sessions began, Antonio Brown filed a helmet grievance so that he could wear his old Schutt Air Advantage; however, when the NFL banned the helmet model for safety, Brown filed a second grievance to no avail. Because Antonio Brown was not attending camp due to his helmet issue, he was fined fifty-four thousand dollars. After this, Brown got into an altercation with Raiders general manager Mike Mayock which got him suspended for the first game against the Denver Broncos.

 However, Raiders’ head coach Jon Gruden decided that Antonio Brown would play and the Raiders would move on from the altercation. Just hours later, Antonio Brown went on his Instagram again and posted a recorded phone call between him and the team coach. The coach asked Brown if he wanted to play for the Raiders. Brown said he had been working very hard to play for the Raiders his whole life. However, he said people are viewing him as a villain now. This showed Brown’s frustration about his state on the Raiders. The next day, Brown asked for a release from the Oakland Raiders because the team voided his thirty million guaranteed salary; consequently, the Raiders released Brown and let him sign with the NFL dynasty New England Patriots. But days later, Brown was accused of sexually assaulting his personal trainer. The Patriots were aware of the situation. Despite this, the NFL let Brown play in week two against the Miami Dolphins. In that game, he recorded four receptions for fifty-six yards and a touchdown. However, after a game, the Patriots released Antonio Brown because of the continual allegations of Brown’s sexual assault. Then, Brown went on his Twitter and said he is done with the NFL because his contracts were voided twice. In general, from Pittsburgh to Oakland, New England, and back home, this was a wild offseason. Let’s hope that the elite wide receiver can get back on the NFL football field one day.

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