It’s back-to-school season and a large source of inconvenience can be finding an outfit to wear in the morning. Early mornings and sleep deprivation tend to bring sluggish movements, which means that searching for a pair of socks in a mountain of clothes at 6 a.m. likely isn’t a situation you’d like to find yourself in.

Somehow, time flies by faster on school mornings — we’ve all experienced rushing ourselves to get ready before leaving the house to catch the bus or a car ride. In order to get ready on time and waltz out of your house with time to spare for once, decluttering your closet before the school year gets too busy may prove to be a sagacious decision.

Something you can do in advance to minimize wasting time on a Monday morning is to organize the clothes in your closet the weekend before. Taking a few hours to sort through your clothes may sound exhausting, but it will save you the trouble of sifting through item after item to find a certain t-shirt. You can start out by making three piles: keep, toss, and donate. Using this method gives you a visual indication of the items in your closet. The “toss” items can easily be chucked into a plastic garbage bag, and “donate” items can be sealed in a cardboard box until it’s time to donate them.

In addition, there are a few nifty tricks to bear in mind while organizing your closet. Purchasing space-saving hangers is a great remedy to an overflowing closet; in the long run, they will also prevent clothes from being draped all around your room, as you’ll have a place to hang them up. A similar tactic can be used for backpacks and bags — to save space is to place one inside another.

As accessories tend to be smaller items that are easier to misplace, it can be difficult to come up with a way to keep them organized when stored in your closet or dresser. Investing in a few jewelry organizers can keep them neat or tidy, and if that’s not a viable option for you, a simple search on YouTube can lead you to a list of countless DIY videos teaching you how to make your own.

One of the challenges to cleaning out your closet is the mere lack of willpower or motivation to do so. But once you get out of the procrastination phase, sorting and organizing will be a breeze. Whether you prefer to clean at the end of each week or in short bursts every day, make sure to make a schedule and stick to it, as doing so will prevent piles of mess and disarray.

Lastly, organizing doesn’t need to be viewed as a chore: be creative with it! There are so many ways in which you can bring your own individual twist to an organizational tactic; whether it’s by decorating shoe boxes for your accessories or using the space under your bed for additional storage, there’s always an alternative method to a more common way of cleaning.

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