“This isn’t the end for us. Please let’s meet again when the flowers bloom.” These are the very lyrics that had millions of BIGBANG’s fans worldwide crying their eyes out, including myself of course.

On March 13, one of the most well known and loved South Korean boy groups BIGBANG released a new single “Flower Road” as a farewell song to its fans. This song broke their hiatus of two years after the release of the globally recognized MADE album in 2016. As it was time for four of the five members to serve in the South Korean army, they decided to temporarily say goodbye.

Under the optimistic facade of the song’s upbeat rhythm are the nostalgic and emotional lyrics signifying farewell. The BIGBANG members promise to come back and ask their fans to love them again once they return. They make continuous references to a “flower road,” which is the South Korean term of a “pathway to a truly happy life”—a word that especially Korean fans will be able to connect to and emotionally react to. In essence, the five singers leave a strong message, inviting their fans to wait for them in the “flower road.”

The sincere and heartwarming lyrics, however, are not the only aspects that caught the public’s attention. With gentle guitar strums and a pleasant clapping beat in the background, the song displays its addicting chorus that is easy to follow along. The unique voices of each member harmonize flawlessly together to create one beautiful song. The leader G-Dragon softly begins the song, followed by T.O.P’s passionate rap. Seungri’s soothing voice is truly the cherry on top that prepares the audience for Taeyang and Daesung’s powerful vocals.

It is not surprising that the “Flower Road” has received so much love from not only BIGBANG’s fans but also the general public. While the consensus toward the song is one of awe, there are some critics who condemn it for its inclusion of T.O.P, one of the rappers in the group found guilty of smoking marijuana in October 2016. After this incident, some were unwilling to hear songs from T.O.P.

Nevertheless, the song reached extreme success both nationally and globally. It achieved a perfect all-kill on iChart in just six days after its release, one million sales in China in three days, and ranked first place on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales for a week. BIGBANG surely marked its farewell with a big bang, adding on to its unbreakable legend with “Flower Road.” Hopefully, the five singers’ departures will feel short, and they will return stronger than ever to their fans.