Throughout the years, there have been several words that have gone through definition changes. Here are a few that have evolved significantly:


Success is known to be synonymous to achievement or triumph. This, however, is a great misjudgement of the word “success.” To most, success means achieving great prosperity and fame, but it is important for people to realize that fame and wealth are not the keys to a “successful life.” There is more to success than what meets the eye. Success does not only mean prosperity but also the acquisition of respect, honesty, and patience. Money does not equal success. Money cannot obtain everything, despite what some people may think, and can only buy momentary, materialistic happiness. The only thing money can give is a superficial life with new “toys” to play with until you tire of them and get new ones, but money can’t get one real love or friendship. Even though it may seem possible to do anything with money, most anything gained by spending eventually turns out to be gilding the truth.


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The word “gay” originally meant happy or gleeful. Today, the word has evolved from the innocent meaning of happy to describe homosexuals, especially males. The word has not only taken on a new meaning but has also been incorporated into the younger generation’s slang and has become a substitute for the words “stupid” or “lame.” In a world surrounded by different people of different sexual orientations, especially with the rise of the LGBT community, one must be careful how use the term. For instance, a young child questioning his sexuality, may find himself to be in a vulnerable position. Hearing the word “gay” used in a derogatory sense could damage self esteem and affect decisions to confide in people about his sexuality. Teenagers often use this word without thinking of how it may affect the people who are associated with the word and do not think twice of the other meanings “gay” can convey.Asian:

The term “Asian” is simply a word that defines heritage. Nowadays, it has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, “Asian” is used to portray someone who is smart, stingy, or one with extremely strict parents. People automatically assume all Asians are clean cut, smart, Chinese, conservative, hard working, small eyed, short, etc. But how can one group an entire race of over 4.3 billion people into one small bubble of set qualities and personalities? The human race and every race on Earth was made to be unique. To be Asian does not mean to be short, squinty-eyed, or book smart; this is merely a skewed definition that has been thrust upon this racial group. Stereotypes may be considered “harmless,” but in reality, they reinforce false beliefs and can lead those victimized to conform to these beliefs.