Five Ways to Beat the Heat in Seoul

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When summer approaches Seoul, temperatures rapidly rise to the high 20s and low 30s, making human activity much more tiring than usual. People avoid leaving their homes and prefer relaxing on couches next to air conditioners set to full power. However, even this is not enough to overcome the unmotivating heat. Here are five activities that will make your summer more bearable.

Music Festivals

Especially during June and July, K-pop festivals become an instant attraction in Seoul. Many festivals include popular Korean idols, singers, and rappers whose performances rapport with younger audiences. In order to guarantee a spot, tickets must be purchased as soon as they are released due to the popularity of these events. While the heat may depend on if the concert is taking place indoors or outdoors, it is a way to release stress through singing and the feeling of fascination as fans watch their favorite performers live.

Hangang Park

One of the most favored areas all year round, Hangang Park is a preferred choice for those who crave a more relaxing experience. People of all ages gather in designated areas along the Han river. Here, families and friends spend time together chatting, eating, or simply taking a nap. Eating instant ramen with close friends is an exclusive experience that cannot be recreated anywhere but at Hangang Park thanks to the automatic ramen cookers.

Caribbean Bay

For a classic water park experience, Caribbean Bay—only a 40-minute drive from Seoul—is the place to go. As a must-visit site during the summer, Caribbean Bay is probably the most crowded area during summertime since water activities are high in demand. It is crucial to arrive before the opening time in order to skip the long entrance line which forms within minutes. The slides and seasonal water games make Caribbean Bay a one of a kind water park that allows people to completely forget the hot weather.

Lotte World

Lotte World is a unique half indoor and outdoor amusement park that is popular mainly because of its location. Located in Jamsil, it can be accessed from nearly anywhere in Seoul by public transportation. It includes popular rides such as the Gyro drop, Viking, Flume ride, and French Revolution which unfortunately can only be enjoyed after a long queue. However, since it is indoors, the long wait is less painful than other amusement parks and is definitely worth the wait.


Although Korea’s beaches need to be visited by driving a car or riding a train, they are still a popular summer spot. Families and friends plan a one-day trip to spend time at the beach. The calming breeze and sand make a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere in addition to the fun playing in the water. A great aspect of these trips is that equipment such as parasols, mats, and tables can all be rented and barely any preparation is needed. However, visitors should be aware that these rentals might not be available due to the excess amount of people.

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