Food Tips You Learn from Watching K-Dramas

Mermaids falling in love with a conman, a girl born with superhuman strength, an alien from the stars… K-dramas are full of what we may view as non-realistic romance; however, these dramas also include everyday elements from our normal lives. Arguably the most normal thing we do is to eat– we all have different ways we like to enjoy food. These dramas bring to light some interesting tips on enjoying food.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (역도요정김복주)

At a restaurant, it’s easy to get full too fast by subconsciously eating everything that comes your way. To avoid the mistake of getting full too quickly at a meat restaurant, Kim Bok-joo introduces her method of eating that can maximize the amount of food you take in. The process is called 생.양.볶.냉: fresh meat (생고기), seasoned meat (양념고기), fried rice (볶음밥), and finally, cold noodles (냉면). This is especially helpful if someone else is buying the meat for you, so you can make the most out of their money!

Source: TVN

2. Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988)

If you need a late night snack for an all-nighter, here’s an unhealthy but effective option for an energy boost. Spread mayonnaise on white bread and pour sugar over it before folding the bread in half. In one of the episodes, a sleep-deprived Jong Bong makes this snack in under ten seconds before getting back to work on folding 1,000 paper cranes for his girlfriend.

3. The Legend of the Blue Sea (푸른바다의 전설)

If you’re bored at a movie theatre before the movie starts and you’re looking for entertainment, try placing a popcorn piece on your palm and hitting your wrist to get the popcorn in your mouth as demonstrated by Shim Cheong in the Legend of the Blue Sea. Or if you want to interact with your significant other, you can pretend to be struggling with it like Cha Si-ah did in the same episode.

4. Strong Girl Do Bong-soon (힘쎈 여자 도봉순)

This is one of the cliche picnic packed lunch scenes that are commonly shown on numerous K-dramas, but Strong Girl Do Bong-Soon takes a cute spin on it. In one of the later episodes, Do Bong-soon prepares a colorful packed lunch for her boyfriend which consists of salad, fruits, side dishes, and the highlight– rice with green peas placed in the outline of a heart.

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