Four Ways To Beat The Heat

Longer days, warmer temperatures, and best of all, no classes. With the school year coming to an end, extracurriculars and sports are no longer a part of our routine, and it’s easy to become sucked into a state of idleness. There’s no doubt that staying active becomes more challenging with the sole desire of air conditioning. Despite the scorching temperatures, however, it is still important to remain involved in physical activity. Here are 4 ways to beat the heat this summer.

1. Hit the pool

Exercising in the pool is a fantastic way to get in some physical activity without dealing with the buckets of sweat that usually comes with it. Swimming provides an all-body workout and is a pleasant, relaxing way to cool down on a hot day. Head to your local pool or recreational center and get toned head to toe!

2. Sign up for a workout class with friends

Many gyms offer fun, dynamic classes that are perfect to do with friends. Having friends with you will motivate you to get off the couch and get in shape. Skip the technical machines; Be adventurous and try something new! Kickboxing, barre, and zumba are all perfect alternatives to a dull and boring workout.

3. Try early morning yoga

Doing yoga outside before the sun comes out is a great way to start off your day and get in a workout before it gets too hot. Yoga has mental as well as physical benefits. It can be done almost anywhere, and only requires a mat. Head to a serene destination and spend some quality time for yourself!

4. Ride a bike

With the wind in your hair and a giddy smile on your face, riding a bike will make you feel like a kid again. There’s nothing better than going for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood and soaking in the vitamin D. If you’re feeling courageous, accept the challenge and take your bike to a trail, where the beautiful glimpses of nature will be the highlight of your day.

Summer is a great time to be active. Take advantage of the opportunities around you and have fun in the sun!

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