Gucci and Disney’s Friendship Persists Through the New Year

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Many countries, especially in Asia, celebrate the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac system, each representing a year of the lunar calendar. High-profile fashion brands are also joining in the fun, designing apparel and accessories centered around this year’s zodiac: the rat. Notably, Gucci has partnered with Disney, printing Mickey Mouse on bags, sneakers, and other accessories.

This is not the first time Gucci and Disney have collaborated, however. Back in 2017, Gucci shared its endearment toward the entertainment mogul by releasing a Donald Duck-themed capsule collection. The collection’s release surprised many who were used to designer Alessandro Michele’s lavish romanticism, though Gucci had teamed up with the comic strip Peanuts the year before. Others wondered why Michele decided to incorporate Donald instead of the world’s most iconic mouse. But knowing how Alessandro Michele’s favorite character when he was growing up was said duck, Gucci carried on and would continue to incorporate more of Disney’s beloved cartoons in their collections. Snow White, for example, appeared on sweaters and shirts for Gucci’s Spring 2018 line. 

In 2018, Gucci celebrated Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday at the spring/summer 2019 show in Paris. Possibly foreshadowing this year’s collaboration, Gucci created handbags shaped like the head of the mouse himself. Additionally, the bags also feature a handle placed across the beloved character’s ears.

Indeed, Disney characters add a childish, nostalgic charm to the opulent designs, which makes Gucci appealing to wider age demographics. Seeing how Gucci continuously collaborates with the famous animation studio, Gucci and Disney seem to have an ever-growing friendship in the fashion world. 

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