HOBY: Find Your True Self

While many international students in South Korea spent their summer break sedulously breaking down SAT passages, memorizing timelines required for getting a 5 on the AP U.S history exam, and learning how to ace their calculus exams, selective individuals had the experience of their lifetimes in June of 2015.

HOBY website front page. VIA HOBY
HOBY website front page. VIA HOBY

HOBY, which stands for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Camp, provides the opportunity for the students to find their true identities. Too often teenagers are restricted, confined, and censured by many factors around their lives. HOBY’s main objective is to liberate those in restrictions and motivate them to change the world.

HOBY has a specific name for this global gathering: WLC-World’s Leaders Congress. To explain WLC succinctly, it is a huge assembly of 400-500 teenagers all around the world helping the campers become better global citizens through fruitful discussions, enthralling lectures, collaborative team exercises, and extremely tiring dance parties.

As soon as the camp session starts, one may feel overwhelmed by the friendliness and zeal resonating from the people around. There are ‘facilitators’ who will stop spreading good vibes so that the campers are having their best WLC experience possible.

From South Korea, 13 representatives were selected for this year’s WLC. HOBY Korea headquarter will annually choose 10-15 representatives who demonstrated altruism, communicative skills, and leadership during HOBY Korean local camp sessions. WLC is a weeklong camp, whereas the local Korean camp only runs for three days.

Some may worry that a week would be too long and prodigal, especially during the summer when students are expected to be prepping for their countless exams. Please do not fret over spending a week of your summer break at WLC. You would not have been studying that hard during that week anyways. In all seriousness, HOBY has been empowering its campers and propelling them to think big and act big.

“Share with others, through service, in a spirit of love.” –Hugh O’Brian

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