How to Transition into a New School

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Everybody should have gone through some sort of transition in their lives. As a third-culture kid, moving schools was a big part of my life as I moved around countries due to my parent’s job and and other conditions. One huge part in moving countries was having to adjust to a new school. Although it is very difficult, having to move schools is very important for one’s life. Here are some ways that are helpful in transitioning into a new school. 

Making a Helpful Friend

Before trying to do everything by yourself, it is good to find a helpful friend that will help you with where are the classes are and to be a new friend of yours. A helpful friend may be able to find a group of classmates that have similar personalities as you. Personally, when I came into my school, I had a friend who helped me with the directions and making new friends. Eventually, I was able to find my right table group because of him. Also, I have helped many new students coming into my school adjust to the new environment and make new friends. It is important to always have a helping hand. 

Meeting Your Correct Friend Group

Make sure to find yourself the correct group of friends. There is no right or wrong friend group you need to be part of. The correct friend group is a group of people that make you happy and truly help you when you are in need. Personality differences may cause trouble so finding the right friends is really crucial in your school career. When I first moved into my school, I had to go around the table groups to find the correct group of friends that had matching interests and personalities as me. It took time and patience but in the end, it was all worth it. Being able to accept new people into your friend group is also very critical. 

Talking with the Teachers

Although it may seem very uncomfortable, talking with the teachers at your school is very important. Not only will they be able to help you around and provide you with many of the things you need, they can also help you find new friends and help you adjust to the environment. I talked to a lot of teachers when I moved around school because I always needed help and I didn’t have that many friends, they were there for me and I could trust them. The teachers can also help with your studies and focus on areas that you need more help with. This can lead to stronger relationships with the teachers; this only benefits you and does no harm to you. 

Learning the System

Learning how the school is run is also very important. You have to make sure to read the guidelines and certain restrictions that the school may hold such as dress code, grading scale, and disciplinary actions. Knowing this will make your transition much smoother without any surprises or difficulties. When I was given a set of rules and guidelines, I took the time to skim over the major parts of the set of rules so that I wouldn’t have too much trouble. 

Try New Things

Although some people believe that trying new things can be a waste of time, it is a good habit to make, especially when moving to different environments. Try out the activities, clubs, and sports that the school offers to see what you would like to pursue in and what fits your interests. Trying out group activities and sports will allow you to make a lot of new friends as well. Personally, I joined a lot of sports when I came to my school because I was more of a sporty guy. This helped me build strong relationships with my teammates and my coach.
Transitioning into a new school can be very demanding, but making sure to have a good transition is important. Making new friends, finding the right friend group, talking with the teachers, learning the school’s system, and trying new things are all great ways to adjust to the school environment and to build relationships with one another. 

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