We all need some type of fashion inspiration once in a while. Don’t know where to start your fashion journey? Look no further than your Instagram account.

If you’re an avid user of Instagram, you’ll know that fashion is a big component of the Instagram community. Instagram is your ultimate guide to upgrade your fashion game. Whether you need insight into current fashion trends or you want to attempt different styles outside of your comfort zone, these Instagram fashion influencers will help you out, regardless of your gender. Here are five instagram fashion influencers you should go check out!

1. Jenn Im – @imjennim

Jenn Im is a Korean American, top-listed Instagram fashion influencers. She started her career on YouTube, posting weekly fashion videos, beauty vlogs, and information about her personal life. With the support of her ever growing global fan base, she even developed her own unique fashion line: Eggie. She challenges herself to approach different styles, often communicating with her fans for inspiration and confidence. It’s safe to say that most teenage girls find her to be a role model. If you’re looking for inspiration for trendy and chic outfits, go check out her Instagram and YouTube page.

2. Nicolette Mason – @nicolettemason

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Nicolette Mason is a widely known plus size blogger and Instagram influencer. With her confidence in her body shape and self, Mason successfully broke the beauty norms of the fashion industry throughout her career. She isn’t afraid to put herself in different styles and never loses her positivity. Her Instagram feed has a lot of color and shine, so if you need a confidence boost and casual style inspiration, go check out her Ins


3. Susie Lau – @susiebubble

Suse Lau, better known as Susie Bubble, launched her career with her own blog called “Style Bubble” back in 2006. With strong, unique fashion style and personality, she’s a top listed Instagram influencer that different fashion industries contact to launch new clothing and beauty lines. She once served as the editor of “Dazed Digital”, but gave that role up to work on her own blog and other freelance projects. She consistently speaks at fashion conferences, drawing from her own experiences of having so much influence on media. If you need unique, but also trendy fashion inspiration, go check out her Instagram page and prepare to be surprised by her creativity.

4. American Style – @americanstyle

With over seven million followers, American Style is one of the most popular Instagram fashion page/vlog. Created by people who had great passion for fashion and beauty, American Style has been posting various fashion videos and posts, covering nearly all aspects of fashion. They have built a strong following base and also feature other Instagram influencers and pages with steady fanbases. If you need inspiration for a casual outfit, a date night outfit, or even if you’re just looking for a page to browse on, American Style is the way to go.

5. Galla – @iamgalla

Adam Gallagher, a top listed Instagram fashion influencer, has been sharing his creative styles, lifestyle, and even travel pictures for years. Starting at the age of 17, he’s been creatively showcasing his trendy, but casual streetwear fashion based on different cities he travels to. Men out there, if you need a pop of inspiration, simple outfits to wear casually, or even inspiration upon places to travel, go check out his Instagram, or even his website.