Joaquin’s Joker: Yay or Nay?

In late September, a teaser trailer for the new Joker movie was released, taking the internet by surprise. For a while, a standalone Joker film had been rumored to happen. Some speculated that the movie would expand upon Jared Leto’s Joker from “Suicide Squad.” Others hoped for an entirely new take on the Joker. Nonetheless, both sides were equally shocked by this new Joker.

With many fans disappointed by Leto’s performance in “Suicide Squad” as the Joker, people quickly began speculating who would be a good fit for a new Joker. Although there were a variety of candidates, from James Franco to Willem Dafoe, most people were rooting for Joaquin Phoenix to play the notorious villain. Hence, when Phoenix was officially cast to play the Joker, most people were satisfied.

What is surprising, however, is the direction this movie seems to be going. In the teaser trailer, we see Phoenix standing in a rather average-looking attire, with flashes of what seems to be his alter-ego, the Joker, faintly blinking in the background as a smile creeps over his face. Then, suddenly, we see Phoenix wearing clown-like face paint and a magenta suit, sporting the Joker’s iconic green hair. His smile fades into a frown before the clip abruptly ends.

Not much can be speculated from this clip alone, but the trailer was more than enough to keep fans excited for what is to come. This particular take on the Joker appears to be more realistic and less eccentric than Leto’s Joker, portraying aspects more similar to Heath Ledger’s legendary performance in “The Dark Knight.” Although there are a few fans criticizing Phoenix’s outfit for not being “comic book accurate”, it’s almost undeniable that everything about this clip screams Joker. With Phoenix’s eerie smile to The Guess Who’s 1969 hit “Laughing” playing in the background, fans all over the world have expressed how uncomfortable and creepy the clip is… and they love it.

“The Joker” hits theaters October 4, 2019. You definitely won’t want to miss this iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime.

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