Keeping Fit During Summer

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: it’s difficult to maintain our physical shape over summer break. Sure, school’s over and it leaves more time to achieve our fitness goals, but that’s far from reality. Whether we are busy with summer school, or hagwon, or are simply just too lazy to prepare our summer bod, we tend to lose motivation and interest. However, there are plenty of other (easy) ways to keep our fitness. 

H2O is the Way to Go

It’s obvious that water is an essential part of health and survival, but it is often ignored and neglected due to the appeal of soft drinks, coffee, etc. The benefits of water outweigh other forms of hydration. Water increases your metabolism and aids in burning calories. It also prevents you from snacking or overeating when you mistake your dehydration as hunger. If you need a constant reminder throughout the day to drink your recommended amount, carry around a water bottle and refill it when fully emptied. You can easily track your total intake if you take it one bottle at a time. I don’t mind the bland taste of water, but I would add in a lemon slice or two to give a bit more flavor. It also clears out toxins in your body.

Most Important Meal of the Day

I know plenty of people who skip breakfast and are completely fine throughout the day because it doesn’t bother them. However, I need enough sustenance to get me through the day, so something has to last me before lunchtime comes around. Eating something small, like a fruit or a piece of toast, can suffice. Because sometimes I do my workout in the morning in order to jumpstart my day, eating breakfast not only gives me needed energy afterwards, but it also serves as a reward for doing some cardio.

Getting Snacky

Getting hungry in between meals is quite bothersome and can ruin your appetite if you make poor food decisions. A food that I crave for once in awhile are burritos. Instead of giving into that craving, I would make my own burrito with hummus and veggies, such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers, inside of it. It’s not exactly the same thing, but a better alternative. In short, you can start making conscious choices of eating colorful foods. This would include leafy greens, fruits, etc. M&Ms don’t count!

Catching some Zs

This tip should be no problem—almost no problem. Time designated for sleep is a luxury. However, after an intense workout, a good night’s rest is well-deserved and needed for full recovery. Your muscles have little tears that need repairing to result in growth. Resting your body would only provide proper recovery. Also, nobody would want to be in a sour mood before and during a workout.

Let’s Stop Talking and Start Walking

Replace your bus ride with a bike ride —that is, if you aren’t too far from your destination. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Every step counts. It may be time to purchase an Apple Watch or Fitbit to see how much you walk each day. Walking may seem too burdensome or inconvenient, but at least you aren’t running!

Fitness Apps 

I’m not a fitness trainer, so I can’t say which exercises are best for you. However, I do know that every workout routine is different for everyone. Just because someone else has achieved something that you haven’t doesn’t mean you have to shoehorn their workouts into yours. Instead, focus on your own goals and try out different ways—hopefully safe ones—to create your own success. With that being said, fitness apps are a great way to search different workouts, keep track of your progress, and find motivation. I use the Keep Trainer app and so far, it’s working well for me. All of the workouts that I do are body weight ones, meaning no equipment is required. I can perform these exercises wherever I go, easily fitting in a quick workout for the day. Plus, it’s free!

Overall, these tips are just ways to get you to start thinking about how to change your focus on keeping fit during the summer. You don’t have to follow them because they aren’t rules. You can make your own little changes to your routine and take small steps towards your goal. Good luck!

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