KYE: Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2017

Photo: William Lee


Every fashion show boasts a fair number of celebrity appearances, but this season, KYE certainly made the record for the most star-studded front row. Directly across the aisle from me sat Red Velvet’s Irene, with AOA’s Jimin and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Tiffany towards the center of the runway.

Sitting across from some of my favourite stars was, in part, a dream come true. However, the horde of press surrounding the front row made it impossible for me to move.

Front Row // Tiffany and Hyoyeon from SNSD // Photo: William Lee

Once the security had dismissed the media crew, the mild sensation of claustrophobia diminished, and I was provided with a cleared view of the other side of the front row. Throughout the show, I noticed myself being unprecedentedly distracted by those sitting across from me (which was clearly documented in my Instagram stories that focused more on Irene than the designs). 

Front Row including Irene from Red Velvet // Photo: William Lee

One element that did, however, linger in my mind was the motif of the bight coloured fur. Coral fur-trimmed shoes, oversized fur coats, and feathery pink hats graced the runway, creating a fresh, youthful look with a hint of sparkle. The colour scheme of Gucci, the dramatic fur of Fendi, and the bold patterns of Moschino were melted together, spiced with the designer Kathleen Kye’s Korean twist.

The other Irene—yes, fashion’s favourite social media star—returned to the Seoul Fashion Week runway #IreneIsSFW. Her pink hair camouflaged perfectly with the coral fur, and although I missed seeing Irene’s front row looks as a social media influencer/attendee, her powerful walk and undeniable aura reminded everyone of her stature in the modeling world.

To match her elevated status, Irene’s second look served as the show’s highlight. The fringe-covered ensemble was made of the same material as Hyoyeon’s outfit (visible in the background of the photo). The motor-jacket accompanied by high wasted pants resembled the aesthetic of Moschino’s barbie collection: that is, a less cheesy, more trendy version. Every time she appeared, front row editors, buyers, and celebrities hurriedly pulled out their phones and filmed her impeccable walk.

The way that Irene’s unicorn aesthetic and unique character blended in with the KYE brand provided for a mesmerizing show. Perhaps the two share a parallel relationship: KYE is the Irene of Korean fashion brands, and Irene is the KYE of Korean models. As always, this show turned out to be one of the most entertaining of the season, and Irene’s presence played a critical role in doing so.

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