Learning To be Thankful

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Do we really deserve everything we have right now? I would always compare myself to other people who had what I didn’t have. This made me think that I had less than what I actually had. I didn’t realize the significance of being thankful for what I have right now and just complained about everything I didn’t have. It is definitely hard to always think about the positives and what we have currently. However, through encounters with various people, I learned that I actually have so many things I don’t deserve. 

I would always compare myself to others who had more than me. If I went over to a friend’s house, and they had a bigger room, or clothes I didn’t have, I would be sad because I didn’t have what they owned. Everyone always compares themselves to each other and gets stressed. However, I realized that I was the one comparing myself to others. If I just stopped comparing myself to others, I would not be stressed. 

I realized this through a teacher that used to teach me. She helped me realize what I had, rather than what I didn’t have. She told me to think about what I had that others didn’t have. This changed my perspective on how I looked at others and what they had. I learned that I wasn’t poor just because the people next to me were wealthier than me. I learned that the more I compared myself to others, the harder it was for me. 

Then, I met another teacher that taught me a valuable lesson that I needed. He told me that I wouldn’t always get what I wanted, but I had to determine if I really wanted it or if I just wanted it because someone else had it. He told me that wanting and getting something just because others have it was not why I should be buying things. “Instead of wishing for the perfect life that you think someone else may be living, focus on the things that you have currently. Just because you think they live a perfect life doesn’t mean that they’re actually living one. Focus on yourself.” When I heard this, I realized that what I see isn’t everything. Just because they something I don’t have, doesn’t mean that they have a better life or are better than me. There are always two sides and the one I may be seeing is not always accurate.

Through these people, I learned to focus on what I have, rather than comparing myself with others and wanting what they have. I barely have time to be thankful for everything, so I learned to stop caring about what others had and start focusing on what I had. Although it is hard to not compare ourselves to others, once I had changed my mindset, it was easier for me to focus more on what I had. 

The materialistic aspect of life wasn’t as important as my family or my friends. Through my two teachers, friends, and my family, I learn every day that I have so much to be thankful for. I now know that these are the people that I should be forever thankful for. I am blessed to have what I have right now and that I acknowledge what I have. 

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