Dear Readers,

The weather is growing warmer, AP season has finally passed, and school is nearly over! Summer is here.

May has been a hellish month – but we could not have gotten through it without your help. Our team here at Teen 10 would like to sincerely thank all of you who have been keeping up with our articles these past few months. It has been difficult getting started and getting used to the constant cycle of writing, editing, and uploading, but we have all put in our best efforts and are grateful for our readers. Now that the school year is over, hopefully we will be able to improve article output and quality.

This month of June, I asked my department editors, as well as the creative editor, to each provide a ‘letter from the editor’ of their own. In my haste to get Teen 10 up and running in March, I neglected to give my executive team a proper welcome and introduction. The most you know about these talented students probably comes from their articles and three sentence bios – both of which are inaccurate representations of who they are. Now that summer vacation has started, rather than me trying to summarize my editors in my own words, over the next few days, they will be providing their own letters – ones that will hopefully give you a glimpse into their personalities and interests. What motivated them to start writing? How do they manage their Teen 10 work? These letters will allow you a deeper look into the process here at Teen 10, how each person contributes to the team, and most importantly, who they are as individuals.

In the first draft of her letter, Life editor Dawn Kim wrote about the Teen10 process and what it means to us as students. I told her to scrap it and make it more personal – which she did, as you will see in her letter later. However, she inspired me to give Teen10 readers a better insight into how we run things here. As Dawn said, here at Teen 10, you’re awarded with an incredible amount of freedom. From the beginning of the process to the end, every step is supervised by either me or the other editors.

We start off each monthly cycle in the middle of the previous month, when journalists start pitching article topics to their editors and wait for approval. Once approval is given and a submission deadline is set, they are free to start writing. I allow my editors the freedom to set their own deadlines and editing cycles, so long as I get all edited and finalized articles by a certain date at the beginning of the month. Then, I take a look at all the articles published, make small edits, and send them over for approval to our supervisor over at 10Mag, the sister publication of Teen10. Once all articles are approved, they are uploaded, photos are added, and articles are published.

Aside from the article approval, every step along the way is more or less supervised by student editors. When we started Teen10, there was no set system of management in place. In fact, I was completely and utterly lost as to how to even set up the cycle of writing, editing, and publishing. But despite all this, I had the freedom to create my own system – which I did, after a long month of trial and error.

This magazine is a huge time commitment – especially for editors. I hold my editors accountable for the actions of their journalists, just as they keep me accountable for any snafus during my leadership. Many of us pour hours of time, dedication, and passion into this magazine, and our articles are written and edited as such. It is a massive opportunity for all of us to be allowed to be a part of this endeavor – thank you all for reading our content!


Allison Rhee