Dear Reader,

As I was explaining Teen 10 to a friend about a week or two ago, I was asked, “So how is Teen 10 different from other teen magazines?”

All I could answer then was “it’s the first of its kind in Korea,” but after I’d given it more thought, I knew I wanted to further delineate who we are. Come to think of it, we may not just be the first of its kind in Korea, but we may be the first of its kind ever.* Our magazine is completely run by teens for a very specified audience of young adults who share the qualifiers such as: the international school students, the missionary children, the ambassadors’ daughters and sons, the military kids, the third-culture teens, the mixed nationals, the dual citizens, the study-abroad crew, and anyone else whose introduction sounds something like, “Hello, I am from ______ but I’ve lived in _____, _____, and _____.” Even though our primary audiences are such teens who reside in Korea, we wish to provide content that will be relatable to international teens from all around the world.

I, for one, had once desperately searched for that kind of content suited for people like me. That is where it all began – a fervent desire. When I was taken out of my comfort zone in Arizona and placed in a public school in Korea (at the start of 8th grade), I was lost and scared and in need of a community. I also just missed being able to read news pertinent to me – there were hardly any English media here, much less one for teens. The closest thing to what I was looking for was Denizen Magazine (TCK centered), but it didn’t satisfy me for long. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Denizen, but I simply wanted something more comprehensive, a mix of everything that matters to me (and to other teens, I presume). I wanted to talk about world views, art works, books, music, and school life. I wanted to speak out on topics that were heavily censored at school. I wanted to talk about the stereotypes and social issues, and hear other teens’ thoughts on them. I wanted to talk about fun and crazy things, too! I wanted to talk about everything in between the transition from childhood to adulthood. I needed Teen 10.

With that being said, my wish is for you to be able to find common ground here at Teen 10. I hope that here you will find what I had been looking for for over four years. Please listen to the stories we share with an open mind and a loving heart, and share your stories with us as well via “Contribute to Teen 10.” It means the world to us when you give us feedback and share our site with families and friends. I am so giddy with delight that this has finally happened. Please stay with us and watch us blossom into better content providers.  Thank you so much for reading. Without you, our purpose ceases to exist.

With ever-flowing gratitude,

Ji Young Zoey Ryu

Editor in Chief


*Wikipedia List of Teen Magazines