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Makeup Trends to Fall For

With various sets of rules and regulations regarding dress codes and makeup around both public and private high schools in Seoul, finding a school-appropriate way to step up your look can be a challenge. It’s reasonable to say that a high school student’s life revolves primarily around school, which justifies why a student would want to look his or her best.

With the shift of seasons from summer to fall, there are a few small tips students might be able to incorporate into a daily routine to improve their look as a celebration of the changing of seasons.  

Bold lipsticks can be high maintenance. From constant touch-ups to worries about smudging, it may not be the most practical idea to wear a bright color at school. But something that can potentially be a replacement is a tint or colored lip balm — with an abundance of shades to choose from, road shops in Seoul offer many different options at a relatively low price.

Another option is glitter eyeliner. While the name may sound intimidating, glitter eyeliners can give one’s eyes the appearance of being wider and even more awake (which is perfect for those mornings after all-nighters). Glitter eyeliners can also be easily found in Korean road shops, and also tend to be produced in an array of different shades and sizes.

Lastly, although blush may typically be a winter product, you can have a head start and start using it during the autumnal months as well. A slight flush can make you look a bit more alive, and this can be incredibly useful on days when a little extra color is needed.

While it is true that it may not be the easiest to apply the top fall makeup trends set by models and celebrities, slight alterations can be made to such trends to celebrate fall with your school makeup. The easy accessibility to inexpensive makeup products in Seoul should especially be used to your advantage, as some of the best deals can be found in road shops around the city. Just make sure to keep an eye out for some quick and easy application processes, and don’t be shy to make changes to your routine!

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