Who is Red Velvet?

Debuted in 2014, Red Velvet is SM Entertainment’s newest girl group. Their album concepts always alternate between “The Red” and “The Velvet.”

With “The Red” concept, Red Velvet presents songs with an upbeat melody, while “The Velvet” concepts show a soulful ballad kind of songs. The alteration in concepts allows the Red Velvet to show the public the diverse abilities of the group! 

Although it’s only been two years since their debut, they received various awards from notable organizations. In 2015, Red Velvet won the “Best Dance Performance – Female Group” and “Golden Disc Award for New Rising Star Award in Disc Album.”

Meet the Members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri




Who is Irene?

Irene is the leader of Red Velvet and the oldest one in the group. She is from Daegu, South Korea. She is famously known as a lookalike of Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon. Before her debut as Red Velvet, she make few appearances to the public through music videos (e.g. “At Gwanghwamun” by Kuhyun and “Love You” by Henry Lau).




Who is Seulgi?

Seulgi was the first member in Red Velvet to be in SM Entertainment. If you are a K-pop fan, you probably know already she was mentioned by Kuhyun of Super Junior in Radio Star as his so-called “crush.” She is Red Velvet’s main dancer and is known to be a lookalike of Kim Yuna, South Korean figure skater.










Who is Wendy?

Raised in Canada, Wendy is fluent in both English and Korean. She is capable of playing various instruments including guitar, flute, etc. As the main vocalist of the group, Wendy mainly takes the high notes in Red Velvet’s songs and tracks.  After auditioning for SM Entertainment’s Global Audition in Canada, she became a part of the Red Velvet!









Who is Joy?

A lot of people recognize Joy for being on the We Just Got Married, a popular TV entertainment show in South Korea with Yuk Sung-Jae. In fact, the couple won the Best Couple Award from the MBC Entertainment Awards! A graduate of the School of Performing Arts Seoul, Joy was a secret trainee in SM Entertainment for unknown reasons.









Who is Yeri?

Yeri was actually not part of the group when Red Velvet first made their debut in 2014. She joined the team a year later in 2015 with their new song, “Dumb Dumb.” Yeri is only 17, making her the youngest of the group. She is currently attending Hanlim Multi Art School.




Red Velvet’s 3rd Mini Album- Russian Roulette

SM Entertainment released Red Velvet’s newest album, Russian Roulette, on September 7th.  Because the concept is “The Red,” the music video presents a variety of vivid, fun colors. If you want to see more of Red Velvet, check out their newest music video on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel!



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