Meet the Team

Editor-in-Chief: Andy Yoon

Andy is a senior attending Seoul International School in South Korea. Born in the United States and raised in Asia, he feels that his diverse experiences around the world have shaped and concretized his beliefs. He is extremely passionate about public speaking, international relations, and the humanities as a whole.

Creative Editor: Grace Lee

Grace is a member of the Class of 2021 at YISS. She is a passionate student-athlete and has a love for food. As the creative editor, she hopes to help further improve the Teen 10 magazine experience for the audience.

News and Academics Editor: Eju Ro

Eju is a senior attending Seoul International School. In her free time, Eju likes to spend her time reading about gender in East Asian cultures. You might also catch her at her local Starbucks struggling to produce writing for her heavily humanities-focused workload.

News and Academics Asst. Editor: Jessica Kim

Currently attending Chadwick International School, Jimin (Jessica) Kim keeps herself busy with writing articles for a myriad of publications. Every morning, she roams through BBC to get ideas on what to write for her next article. She strives to pursue journalism throughout high school.

Lifestyle Editor: Sean Lim

Sean is a junior at YISS. Interested in various things, he loves to play volleyball and create music. Above all, he believes his encounters with people from different backgrounds has constituted the person he has become.

Nicole Hur

Nicole is a rising sophomore at Yongsan International School of Seoul. She can be spotted wearing quirky, unique clothes (thanks to her obsession with fashion designing) and being a poet whenever she has the “feels.” As a major foodie, she is also the owner of a blog dedicated to food and writing. Go follow @nhighteaters on Instagram!

Beauty and Entertainment Editor: Ryan Yim

Ryan Hyunkoo Yim is a rising sophomore currently attending Yongsan International School of Seoul. He was born in California, but lived most of his life in Seoul, Korea. He has a deep interest in both music and film, and hopes to share his passion for such art forms through Teen 10.

Beauty and Entertainment Asst. Editor: Anne Lee

Anne Lee is currently a sophomore in YISS. Having so many passions such as history, literature, film, and writing, she feels that journalism perfectly encompasses her eclectic interests. She believes that her ability to enjoy life with a colorful perspective is attributed to being raised as an international student.

Sports and Tech Editor: Joanne Yang

Joanne Yang is a junior at Seoul International School. She was born in Los Angeles and has lived in South Korea since first grade. She likes to spend her free time writing for online publications and her school newspaper, dancing, and cheerleading.