On August 10, four girls in Millington, Michigan fought off a 22 year old man by the name of Bruce Hipkins when he began to assault them. As the girls were leaving a gas station convenience store, Hipkins approached the girls by grabbing one of them by her hair. As he attempted to kidnap her, the other girls retaliated by kicking, pouncing, and throwing coffee and Slurpees at the man. When Hipkins let go of the girl and grabbed onto one of the other girl’s hair, the girls repeatedly attacked him. Eventually, Hipkins fled the scene, and the four girls were left uninjured. They later on went to a nearby hotel to seek help.

The four girls, ranging from ages 11 to 14, were interviewed and asked about the kidnapping. Sisters Allison and Lauren stated that Hipkins said, “You’re coming with me,” as he tried to kidnap the girls. Horrified, the girls immediately began to assail Hipkins with their hands, feet, and any other items they had. Lauren said, “Seeing that your little sister was going to get taken is very scary.” Lauren also credited her father for the advice he had given to her before, which was to fight back whenever they felt that they were in danger. Clearly, her father’s advice was put to good use.

Once Hipkins was found, he was charged with assault as well as criminal sexual conduct, facing four felonies in total; he is now being held at the Tuscola County Jail on a $250,000 bail. Though it is unclear what will happen soon, it is highly likely that Hipkins will face at least a couple of years in jail. This recent incident is one of many cases of recent kidnappings, especially of men kidnapping women.

Throughout the last few years, the cases of men kidnapping girls seem to be becoming rather common. Though it is unsure of what Hipkins were to do with the girls had he kidnapped them, it is strongly implied that he was either gonna rape them or hold them hostage. It should also be noted that Hipkins was kidnapping young children, so he could perhaps be classified as a pedophile, too. Whatever his intentions were, it is evident that the US is continuously facing cases where women are being attacked by men and/or children are being attacked by adults. Stronger laws and more security needs to be enforced to ensure that people are safe.

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