*Warning: spoilers ahead*

“How sad can a romantic movie of two teenagers be?” I said to my friend. “I’ll go just for the sake of seeing Patrick Schwarzenegger.” All the reviews had said the movie was tearjerking. But as someone who did not shed a single tear watching Titanic, I had expected myself to stay calm during this film.

Forty minutes into the movie, I was bawling my eyes out and using up all of the tissue that my friend had brought in the theater for her use. Sniffling and coughing uncontrollably, I received dirty looks from other people in the theater.

Female lead character Bella Thorne appears as Katie Price, a teenager who cannot be exposed to the sun because of a rare illness. In other words, if she is exposed to even a sliver of sunlight, she may die. This prevents her from attending school or meeting new people, besides her single father, best friend, and doctor. Her years-long crush on Charlie Reed, the male lead character played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, finally turns into a reciprocated love relationship after he sees her singing at the train station one night. They start to hang out, but she keeps her illness as a secret. Falling asleep on a date at the beach, Katie tries to run back home but fails to do so in time. The sunlight reaches her, and things spiral down from there.

Maybe it was the mellow song in the background that emphasized the tragedy. Maybe it was the facade of a peaceful hometown that made everything look like a fairytale and that all will be well. Or maybe it was the exceptional acting of the two actors. All three combined wrenched my heartstrings.

However, although the movie was definitely a tearjerker, I must say that plot-wise, it was not a good film. The storyline was unrealistic. I get that Katie is in love with Charlie, but after a lifetime of being careful, how could she be so rash as to risk her life by going on a date with him? Additionally, in her last moments, she leaves her father to go on a boat ride with Charlie. I found it disturbing how the movie showed the main character choosing love over family.

All in all, the movie hits all the right emotions. I found myself laughing, crying, and longing for love all in the span of a short 94 minutes. Unfortunately for the movie, there were too many moments in the movie that had me wondering if the main character was in her right mind.