Dear Readers,

We’re back!

Finally, after almost a year of halted publications, we are restarting Teen10. As the new Editor-in-Chief for this year, I would like to ask you to please welcome an entirely new team of talented, hardworking, and dedicated students from different international schools.

For those of you who are returning readers, you might have noticed that the website was hacked and taken over sometime last spring and wasn’t fixed for quite a while. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t taken care of until late December of last year, hence the lack of articles from late 2017. Soon after being offered the amazing opportunity to become the next EIC, I dived immediately into revamping and working out a lot of kinks in the magazine.

I will not deny that it has been stressful – for three months, I reached out to countless people, posted about Teen 10 on social media, told all my friends about it, scrounged up what documents I could from previous years, created numerous new user accounts, and edited all 200+ existing documents to fit the new vision I had for this magazine. Having been an assistant editor in the past, I knew the basics of how Teen 10 was run, but I didn’t truly understand how time-consuming organizing and putting together all the miniscule details and specifics would be. I am overwhelmingly grateful for my executive team of editors and assistant editors for being on top of things and making this process easier.

This year, we’re going for a more inclusive Teen 10. Looking at editors and contributors from previous years, I noticed that the majority of the team was comprised of Korean females. I felt that if we were going to be a team of teenagers writing about our experiences as third culture kids and appealing to the international community, we should be promoting gender and race diversity within our magazine to include multiple perspectives in our articles. That is why this year, you will notice that our editorial team is comprised of relatively equal numbers of males and females, and many of our contributors are not ethnically Korean. A few other changes have also been made to the different article categories; from now on, Lifestyle will be Life, Fashion will be Beauty & Fashion, and a Sports & Tech section has been added to appeal to more of a male audience.

Writing is one of my passions, and this is a phenomenal chance for me, the executive team, and our contributors to truly showcase our talents. This year we have more people involved than ever before, including many photographers, graphic designers, and video makers. I have high hopes for this year’s Teen 10 and believe that it can be brought to new levels.

Happy reading!

Cover photo credits to Amy Jungmin Kim