Back to school is rough. First we’ve got tests and papers to worry about. On top of that, we also have back to school outfits to worry about. As we put our outfits together, we must consider the requirements of the school dress code, find an outfit that differs from the outfits of other students, and most importantly, make sure to put different and trendy outfits together every single day – a huge challenge, if you ask me. Seriously, every time I peek into my closet, I just don’t have anything to wear! But fear no more, for I have some outfit suggestions that are simple and easy to put together, yet will successfully showcase your taste and personality. Here are some outfits, tips and tricks to spice up your outfits.

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1. T-shirt & Jeans

This may sound like the most basic outfit you can find, but you can never go wrong with a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You can even spice your outfit up by exploring different colored jeans and cute graphic tees. With this combo, you can rock every school day with a simple look.

2. Sweater Weather

Since fall kicks in right around the time school begins, thick knitted sweaters and turtlenecks are some go-to tops. They’re comfy, warm, and an easy top to pair. Also, we all know that classrooms get very cold during F/W season, so sweaters will become your best friend.

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3. Dresses

Who says a dress can’t be a casual outfit? A simple t-shirt dress or even a beautiful floral dress can be an adorable outfit to wear during the school year. If your dress breaks the school dress code, layer it with a cute jacket to play it safe.

4. College Sweatshirts

There’s no rule saying you can’t wear college hoodies and sweatshirts when you’re in high school. These days, there are lots of adorable college sweatshirts that can look great in a pair of distressed jeans or even a skirt. It’s simple and casual.

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5. Leggings & Sweats

I know, we all have those days when you just aren’t feeling school or lazy enough even to get dressed. A pair of leggings or sweats will save your effortless outfit look. Pair them with your favorite cozy top with comfortable shoes and your all set. Another accessory you can pair your outfit is an adorable baseball cap.

6. Bomber/ Varsity Jackets

Especially these types of jackets, will make your outfits look sporty, athletic, and chic even with a casual outfit underneath. Lately, bomber jackets have been super trendy bringing out many different styles. Wear a simple tee, a casual pair of jeans, and a pair of sneakers.

Tip #1 – Rotation

If you really don’t want to take the time and effort to put together an outfit, simply, choose a base. It can be a top or a bottom. Stick with that piece of clothing for around 3-4 days and switch the bottom or top you’re paired with. This creatively forms a new outfit every day. Less time and work, but still looking cute.

Tip #2 – Seek Inspiration

We all have that someone we look up to for style and fashion inspiration. I follow many of my idols on Instagram. Check out the Instagram feed of some popular style icons — they may have some outfits that you may want to try and who knows? They may end up becoming your role model. You never know how creative you can be with your fashion sense until you seek for inspiration and emulate your favorite fashion icons.