Amine has had a successful year with his huge hit “Caroline”. This song, from his album “Good For You”, drew attention to the artist and his following singles such as “Campfire” with Injury Reserve. On August 15th, Amine returned with his new mixtape album “OnePointFive”, consisting of thirteen tracks, each varying in style, whether it be trap or alternative.

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What sets Amine’s music apart from other artists is his songs’ focus on happiness. But “OnePointFive” is a little different than his usual style. He strays away from his theme of happiness and sheds more light on the darkness and the anxiety in his life. He shows that fame and wealth have their negatives too.  

There are critics that say his style has died and he is not the same. However, I think the complete opposite. Instead of glorifying the lifestyle that he has and ignoring all the bad aspects that come along with it, he is brave enough to admit and project to the world his insecurities and anxieties. After having so many rappers focus their music around wealth and sex, it’s a good change to have an artist who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about the music industry.


“Can’t man up if masculinity your only weapon

Man, I’ve thought about suicide a hundred times

But, I’d hate to disappoint and see my mama cry

Birthdays these days be the worst days” -Dr.Whoever by Amine


Amine addresses suicide and personal issues to let the fans and the new listeners know him in a more personal way instead of feigning unfaltering happiness. This isn’t to say his music changed completely — he still has his specialty beats to go along with his lyrics and his alternative trap beats make it hard to only listen to the songs once.

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Amine was always seen as the one time hitter and the joking-mannered rapper that only raps about simple and enjoyable topics. Through this album, he was able to show a more serious side of himself that reveal more about his character than his Instagram pictures do. “OnePointFive” opened a new door for Amine in his career – and it has never been better.

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