Positive Effects of Stress

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Most people think that stress is purely negative and is produced when we’re under pressure. However, eustress, or positive stress, can help us to properly function. Small amounts of eustress on a daily basis can encourage attention, prevent aging, and promote health.

It’s true that people get stressed when they face overwhelming work. As students, it doesn’t help that we always have limited time to complete every assignment. However, a moderate amount of such stress can invigorate a person to quickly finish their work. For example, if a student has a project due the next day and hasn’t started it yet, he or she will feel the need to focus on completing it, especially since time is running out. In addition, the student will feel the most motivation during this time as compared to the week or so they spent on procrastination. Like a miracle, the student will work on their project without getting distracted by anything and feel the motivation to ignore all of his or her needs in order to finish the project; in some cases, the student even skips the time for sleeping.

While stress can feel out of hand, it allows people to gain the confidence to problem solve and think critically, which they wouldn’t have been able to in a normal mindset. Students feel less pressured by their assignments and sometimes feel like they have more control over it, instead of losing their minds. Such stress induces students to face their challenge of completing an assignment instead of avoiding it. After they complete their assignment, the students will be able to know that they are able to do things under pressure and gain more confidence in encountering similar situations in the future.

To the surprise of many people, stress helps people connect with others and form relationships. A person can find other people who are experiencing similar stress and create new relationships in which they support and encourage each other. Through talking about their problems, people can feel more comfortable, acknowledging each other’s struggles — therefore, they succeed in changing their negative situation to a positive one. 

If a person lives without any stress, it doesn’t mean that they are living more successively. Students learn the most important lessons and gain confidence through working under stress. Working under pressure is necessary for a student to be able to better face similar cases next time. The next time you’re stressed, recognize that it can help you work more efficiently and embrace it. 

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