Richard Chung: One People One Harmony

For the last week of summer break, I was privileged to be able to participate in an important event called Lindenbaum Music Festival as a photography intern. Just like their slogan, “One People One Harmony,” this concert’s primary purpose was to reunify South and North Korea. The festival contained a total of four shows in one week, starting with a Piano recital by Eva Virsik and ending the festival with the most crucial event, the DMZ peace concert.

With the theme “One People, One Harmony,” the Lindenbaum music festival was a week-long event with the last concert taking place at Camp Greaves near the DMZ. This being my first ever professional internship, I did my best to navigate the responsibilities. Even though there was a total of four major concerts, the only time the photographers were allowed to disrupt the musicians were the rehearsal periods before the performance. Professional and experienced, all of the artists and their facial expressions were just outstanding. As they played, I tried to capture every single detail. I visualized their sweat flying over the sky as Maestro Toshiyuki Shimada dances with his sharp conductor baton. As the final musical piece concluded, the audience members all stood to give the musicians a standing ovation. It was indeed a moment of peace.

Here are some selected pictures from that week.