Saving the Environment: It’s Not that Hard

In a world where machinery and technology are developing at a rapid pace, it’s important to remember that staying in the nature and leading an analog lifestyle is beneficial to your wellbeing. There are many efforts all around the globe to help save the environment, whether it be by small-scale groups or worldwide organizations. Though these large scale actions have a great impact on maintaining a healthy environment, small changes in an individual’s lifestyle can also be a crucial way to benefit the environment. Often overlooked, small changes to habits in daily activities can lead to big differences in the long term.

Riding the taxi is the most standard method of transportation around the city of Seoul for many people. Especially during the summer seasons where the weather is very hot, the comfortable seats and air conditioner of a taxi can be very appealing. However, for the environment, riding more public transportation such as the bus or subway may be the way to go. Buses or subways can transport more people, thereby reducing the amount of resources used. Though it may be less convenient and comfortable, public transportation can reduce carbon emissions, benefiting the environment. Even if you can’t, try to carpool with some of your friends and coworkers to reduce pollution.

When you wash your face, take a shower, or even just wash your hands, often times the water simply stays running but not in use. Though this time of running water may not feel like a long time, saving this water by turning the faucet off when you’re not using it can save resources in the long run. Such a scenario may be when you’re lathering soap in the shower or when you’re washing your hands.

As more and more people are using the air conditioner as the weather becomes unbearably hot, electricity is used at rates much higher than other seasons. An easy way to reduce electricity usage is to stop a habit that many people may do often unconsciously: turning the air conditioner on and off regularly. Turning the air conditioner on and off regularly expends more electricity than it would take to keep a constant temperature, so being more careful and conscious about turning the air conditioner on and off can be a good way to save a bit of money and also benefit the environment. This seems to be the same case for room lights as well, so that may be another avenue you might wish to consider.

The last way to save some resources easily is to stop overcharging electronics. Most people have their electronics charging even after it fully charges. This may be true for devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other movable electronics. This not only damages the battery of some devices but is also a way to waste valuable energy. Kicking the habit of excessively charging your phone or leaving it charged overnight when it was 99% may do you and the environment some good.

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