Seven Unique 2019 Fashion Trends You’ll Want to Know This Summer

With summer already in motion, there’s no reason for standard school attire to be the only thing in your closet. From biker shorts to bamboo bags, here are seven trendy summer looks unique to this year.  

1. Biker Shorts with Blazers 

Traditional biker shorts were abandoned in the 90s, but have recently made a comeback when numerous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Rita Ora brought the athletic look back into the public eye. Blazers have been around since the 19th century. They resemble a casual suit style jacket with a low V cut neck and optional buttons. These two clothing items when paired together are one of the most stylish outfits you’ll find this summer. 

2. Animal Prints 

Prints became popular in the 60s during the Bohemian Movement. Animal prints haven’t stopped developing since then. Today, they are often used to assist with the “powerful woman” image. The most popular print patterns range from leopard, tiger, cheetah, and snake. Strong animals correspond to strong women. When you’re seeking a bold, confident look, try an animal print shirt, jacket, dress, pair of leggings, or jumpsuit, just to name a few. 

3. Lavender 

This summer’s light purple tone is a way for women to show their feminine side as well as a striking, flattering one. Last year’s color, ultraviolet, may have been similar in theory; however, the lighter blend that lavender provides allows you to accessorize your clothing even more. A pair of yellow earrings or a black hand purse would compliment a lavender outfit perfectly.

4. Puff Shoulders

Once a trend in the 80s, puff shouldered outfits are back with modern adjustments. Ruffled, added fabric on the shoulders of dresses and blouses is what defines the puffy shoulder look. It’s important to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories simple, in order to avoid being extreme or excessive.  

5. Chunky Sneakers

Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous decrease in basketball shoes as fashion footwear. People have gravitated towards more lightweight running shoes, that is until recently. Chunky shoes have been a thing since the 90s but took off when Kanye West released his Wave Runner 700’s a few years ago. From there the popularity of chunky shoes have taken off. This particular type of footwear usually comes in basic colors such as white or gray. The best thing about this is that you can wear them with virtually every color. They might even make you appear a bit taller. 

6. Bamboo Bags 

This new style of fashion purse doesn’t seem completely functional, yet it’s being advertised everywhere. Many famous instagram models are posing with these circular wooden bags creating a desire amongst viewers to make the purchase. Even Gucci has jumped on the bandwagon, designing a new bag with a bamboo handle. Though these purses tend to be a bit expensive, they are extremely popular and can add spice to a simple outfit making it much more exciting and interesting.   

7. Patchwork 

There’s a tear on your favorite dress? No need to worry. Patchwork was a huge highlight in fashion this year and is carrying over into the summer season. Various pieces of colorful cloth are attached to an article of clothing, giving it an original and artistic look. This outfit choice reeks creativity and confidence. However, it’s important to pair only dark colored accessories with patchwork outfits. 

The summer season is upon us. With beach days, shopping trips, family visits, and vacations coming up, it’s important to restock your wardrobe. These seven summer fashion trends can be helpful when choosing new clothing at your favorite stores and assisting you to have a confident, stylish, enjoyable summer vacation. 

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