Each winter comes with the deadly flu and a chilly season. For countless winters, I attempted to dodge sick and lazy days, but I never seemed to win. It’s not easy to recover from sick days. Stuffing yourself into blankets, wanting to do nothing, struggling to keep your eyes open from lack of sleep… It’s alright, we’ve all been there. Though there’s no easy way out of a cold, here are six essentials that can at least lessen the pain throughout the day.

1. Blankets

Winter days do get a bit chilly. A great way to feel warm and comfortable is bundling up in a giant warm blanket. Having multiple ones really do help if it isn’t your day. I always keep two to three blankets just to feel relaxed.

2. Comfortable Outfit

When you’re sick, wearing jeans and a t-shirt may not be the most practical outfit choice. Go for your favorite pair of warm pajamas to keep you cozy all day. There are days when my body alternates from hot to cold. If you’re struggling with those kinds of days, rather than wearing your pair of pajamas, try layering your clothing, from tank tops to flannels. It’ll prevent you from having to change constantly.

3. Drinks

On sick days, having something to drink is a must. Rather than water, try going for your favorite type of tea to help you fight your cold through the day. From citrus to flower flavors, tea helps soothe your throat. Teas like lavender and peppermint are great to keep you going when you feel a bit drowsy. They keep you comfortable and relaxed. Even if tea isn’t your go-to drink, still have something to drink next to you. Maybe one of your other favorite drinks?

4. Ice cream

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the creation of this wondrous frozen liquid substance? Rather than constantly filling your stomach with warm food, ice cream is not only a great alternative to soothe out your throat, but also great to eat.

5. Netflix/Reading Material

Netflix is great. It has all your favorite TV shows and serves as a fantastic way to waste time. Go catch up and binge watch with your favorite shows when you have the time. But sometimes, it does get tiring staring into the screen all day. If that happens, just grab a bunch of your go to books or even magazines. Just like Netflix, it’ll still entertain you and help you stay relaxed!

6. Lip Balm

Lastly, we can’t forget this essential item! My lips always dry up when I’m sick and feel blistered. Having something that will moisturize your lips anytime can get something off your mind when you aren’t feeling the greatest. Plus, having crusty lips is just a downer when you’ve already started the day badly.

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