What time is it? Summer time! The season we have all been waiting for is finally here, which means that there are no more early mornings, homework, or after school activities to stress about. Although this summer has been highly anticipated, time might fly by in a blink of an eye if our time is not spent properly. Here are some tips and tricks to spending a productive and worthwhile summer.


Find a hobby

You now have all this free time on your hands–why not spend it doing something you enjoy? Find something that you really enjoy doing and try to set a goal for yourself. It could be running a certain distance, starting a YouTube channel, taking pictures, reading a certain amount of books, the list goes on. There are so many benefits of developing new hobbies; not only does it relieve your stress, but it can also inspire you in your future career choices.

Reconnect with your friends

Remember the “let’s hang out sometime during the summer!” text that you got from your friend? Well, keep pushing it back and summer may be over before you know it. Set a time and a date with your friends to grab lunch together, watch the latest movie, explore new places, or relax together while binge-watching Netflix. Not only will you continue a lasting relationship with your friends, but you will create new memories to reflect back on later in the year.

Go outside and exercise

Staying indoors and binge-watching shows may be fun, but what other time will you have to go out and enjoy the sunshine? Not only does exercising keep your body healthy, but it also helps brighten your day by invigorating you with new energy. Convince your friends and family to go outside and exercise with you. It will keep you and your friends or family accountable for exercising more often and regularly.


Our brains are only going to keep up if we continuously train them during summer. If the brain is not constantly working, it may be harder to adjust to school once the new academic year starts. . Resting is important, but it is also crucial to keep challenging yourself. Summer is a good time to learn a new language, write a novel, pass another test, and more. Try to challenge your knowledge and explore new subjects and keep your brain on its toes.

Earn Money

Nothing feels more satisfying than earning money after a hard day’s work. Especially for students still in high school, it may be challenging to have a part time job like working as a server or as an intern in a big company. If it is hard to find a part time job, try doing small things for money such as babysitting or doing small chores for others. Ask your neighbors or family friends if they need help in anything and they will most likely find something that they need a helping hand for.


Last but not least, enjoy your summer by relaxing. Do things that make you happy and try to rewind from the stressful year you’ve had during the school year. Go on photoshoots with your friends, enjoy the peaceful night view, enjoy the summer sunshine, or plan a small getaway trip to Bali. After all, a summer break is for you to take a break from school and relax.


Time flies by if you do not plan things out and make an effort to spend summer break productively. These tips will help you have a more memorable and action-packed summer!


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