Sporadic Weather Shifts: Spring Staples at SFS

After a prolonged winter of frosty windows and snow-filled streets, the first flowers of spring have started to bloom. The thick parka you used to sport to school can finally be hung up in the closet for good, and you can finally send your snow boots to the cleaner’s one more time before packing them away from sight. The thought of wearing fuzzy socks makes you cringe in discomfort, and a wistful smile tugs at your lips as you toss them into the box labeled “winter clothes.”

After rummaging through your drawers for an outfit suited for the weather outside, though, your searching fingers surface, achingly empty. With the sporadic shifts in temperature throughout the day, it’s difficult to deem whether a hoodie or a t-shirt will be a better choice for the day. With trembling fingers, you scroll through the weekly weather forecast, your eyes frantically searching for an answer that will not reveal itself. A dull pain on the left side of your head blurs your vision as you contemplate over which piece of cloth you’d prefer to wear for the day.

But place your troubles aside for the time being, for the stylish students of SFS have brought you six staples for spring! Fully aware that the unpredictable nature of the weather in Seoul can make piecing an outfit together even more difficult than usual, these six young men and women have named their go-to fashion items for the transition between winter and spring.

Sunny Lee (10) has pronounced her staple for April to be a knit cardigan, stating that it’s “perfect for the weather right now,” as they can be easily be worn or removed according to the weather. As knit cardigans tend to be made out of lightweight wool, they are ideal for shielding wind while not weighing down the wearer too much. Knit cardigans also come in a multitude of different colors, lengths, and designs, which makes styling them all the more convenient.

“My fashion staple for spring is a denim skirt.” Alice Choi (10) said with a slight smile, gesturing towards the blue denim skirt she was sporting. Her reasoning for this was that denim skirts “come in a variety of different colors” and “are easy to match with other clothes.” A material invented in as far back as 1873, denim adds an aura of timeless beauty to any outfit. In addition, denim comes in an assortment of different colors; the most common ones including blue, black, and white.

As it can be easily worn or taken off throughout the day, this piece of clothing is quite ideal for temperature regulation. Woojune Lee (10) suggests adding a flannel as a statement piece to an outfit. Contrary to popular belief, flannel does not mean “plaid”, although it is undeniable that the two terms are used interchangeably at times.

Joonhee Lee (11) stated that his favorite fashion staple for spring is his denim jacket, as it is an item that is “bright and easy to style.” As easily styleable as a denim skirt is, a denim jacket also comes in a variety of colors and styles.  

“White shoes are always in,” mentioned Henry Yoo (10). “Especially for right now; I like how the color white adds a fresh feel to whatever I want to wear.” With its popularity among people of all ages in South Korea, white shoes have become a must-have item for not only April, but for the entirety of 2018.

With a few spring staples to keep you covered before the advance of summer, something to keep in mind is that layers are your best friend when you’re not quite sure what type of weather the day will bring. After all, it’s easier to throw a windbreaker in your backpack rather than running home to swap your hoodie for a t-shirt.

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