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Starting from 2015 to 2018, the four-year Championship saga between the Warriors and the Cavaliers was perhaps a great source of entertainment or the opposite. Stephen Curry and the Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers for the first time after their first franchise championship in 1975. The next year, Lebron James and the Cavaliers came back from the 3-1 series and won Cleveland’s first-ever franchise championship after the decision to leave the Miami Heat. For two more years, the NBA saw these two same teams continue their intense rivalry as it was the first time in any sports history that they fought for championships in four consecutive years. However, in the end, the Warriors finished the saga as three-time NBA champions. 

Simon Biles

In Gymnastic Championships in 2012, Biles nailed a historic triple-double, which made her the first female athlete to land, and even the third athlete to attempt this move. Then, in 2016, she won four gold medals and one bronze medal, and with 25 gold medals from world championships, she became arguably the most dominant and decorated athlete of the decade. Former gymnast Nastia Liukin said, “Simone’s got enough gold medals at home, someone give this girl a crown,” at the end of her remarkable routine. 

The US Women’s Soccer Team

The US Women’s Soccer Team proved to the world’s best professional women’s soccer team in the world after winning the World Cup Trophy in 2019. For a long period of time, gender inequality has been apparent to the members of this team, who have “historically made less and been treated worse than their male counterparts,” according to Time magazine. The stories of inequities even from the 80s have still continued, for example, the cramped travel, bug-infested hotel rooms, and the shoddy field conditions in the 2000s. Despite their superior results, the players were only given inferior earning opportunities. With their elite status in skills and results, their amplified effort and power sought for equal pay when they decided to sue the US Soccer Federation over pay inequality with male players. 

2018 NCAA Tournament: Round of 64

The same, monotonous event occurred 135 straight times: No. 1 seeds beat No. 16s. After so many times, it is almost impossible to imagine the opposite. Yet, in the 2018 NCAA Tournament, Round of 64, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County won the game of win or go home against Virginia. It wasn’t just an ordinary basketball game; the Retrievers won the biggest upset game in NCAA history with 74 – 54. Against a team that was the No. 1 of the entire tournament and on their track to winning the national championship, the University of Maryland’s upset win in the most epic circumstances will be remembered for ages. 

Kobe Bryant’s 20-year career ends with a 60 point final game

The Los Angeles Lakers star and a basketball icon was not going to end his two-decade career without a bang. Yet that’s what he did, a 37-year-old put up 60 points, making him the first player ever to end his career with a 60 point game. During the last moments that he played as a Laker, the organization player a tribute video to celebrate Bryant’s colorful career. Earving “Magic” Johnson said, “We are here to celebrate greatness for 20 years, excellence for 20 years. Kobe Bryant has never hated, has never cheated us, the fans. He’s played through injuries. He’s played hurt.” With five championships that Bryant won for the team, many will remember him as the greatest player to wear purple and gold. 

Tiger Woods wins after a long drought

In 2019, it was the first time that Tiger Woods won the Masters since 2005, and a moment of major victory since 2008, which made his 15th overall. He made a step closer to Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major victories won in a career. With this victory, he also put himself back at the top of the sport that he dominated for such a long period before going into a long drought due to scandal and injuries. The professional golfer let the world know who was still the champion after earning the coveted green jacket after 11 years. 

Chicago Cubs win the World Series since 1908

Against the Cleveland Indians, the curse was lifted once the Chicago Cubs made it to the World Series since 1945 and won the title for the first time in 108 years. While both teams had the longest droughts in baseball history, the incredible win in Game 7 of the series gave the Cubs a chance to erase their century-old curse and misery. 

Usain Bolt: Men’s 100 meters Olympic Final

Usain Bolt, or more commonly known with the title of “Fastest Man Alive,” made him more than just an athlete. For there consecutive Summer Olympics, Bolt proved to the world that no one can ever run faster than him by taking three gold medals in 100 meters, 200 meters from 2008, 2012, and 2006 and two gold medals in 4×100 relays from the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. Owing to world records and dominance in sprint competition, he still remains the world’s greatest sprinter of all time. 

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