Study Tips for High School Students

As the school year comes to an end, everyone has a different reflection on the academic year. Whether or not 2017-’18 was an academically successful year, there undoubtedly are areas in which all students could have improved.

Generally, most students find the greatest difficulty in finding focus and motivation to study throughout the year. Especially for juniors, the unending tests, including standardized tests such as the SATs, Advancement Placement (AP) tests, and school assessments, keep students occupied and stressed throughout the year. In midst of such a busy year, it is essential for students to budget their time efficiently. This means that students should never exhaust themselves to an extent where they lose motivation to continue studying.

A potentially effective solution is to loosen the burden for yourself and only commit to the activities you find interesting and want to actively pursue. While you may have been able to join and participate in various activities during your underclassmen years, consolidating your commitments to have a high level of participation and engagement in all activities is something to consider. Doing so will lighten your load overall, and make time management a generally easier task.

Another important factor in being able to study effectively throughout the year is taking care of your body. Often, students sacrifice their sleep and health in order to prepare for tests and take care of schoolwork. Yet in the long run, without a healthy body, you will be unable to sustain yourself and work efficiently.

Lastly, while this method may be personal, engage yourself in a meaningful pastime. Everyone needs breaks, especially from studying, in one form or another. Yet the form of these breaks is essential in determining whether or not they can “recharge” students to continue studying. If a break makes you more tired than you were before, such as one composed of intense video games or long periods of time spent on your cellphone, you should reconsider how you spend your time other than studying.

Overall, with efficient planning and motivation, studying should not be a part of students’ lives that is stressful to an extreme extent. This is especially true as it is something that must be done throughout our academic careers. Hence, with effective and appropriate studying methods, this long process of learning may not have to be spent too miserably.

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