PC: Jessica Ryu

In this day and age, clothing items are definitely on the more expensive side in stores. One t-shirt costs around 15 dollars and the fabric isn’t even worth the price on the tag. While I’m well aware of this, it’s personally hard for me to stop the money from sliding out of my wallet as I snatch a cute top from a rack at Giordano. For those who are like me and cannot stop indulging in this money-wasting activity, here’s the solution: “thrifting.”

Thrifting may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t like the idea of looking for used clothes – and I understand that the idea of thrifting can be strange to some. You may think just the idea of buying clothing items that people have already worn sounds gross and unappealing. However, once you recognize the beauty of thrifting, you’ll no longer harbor these negative thoughts!

PC: Jessica Ryu

If you’re a huge fan of vintage, old street-fashion items, thrifting is the way to go. Thrifted items are mostly collected items from people who used those items once or twice. Stores such as Goodwill sell those items under a much cheaper price. Thrifted items definitely have their own vibe to them, while having the vintage feels to them too. With thrifted items, you can save a large part of your budget while grasping onto items that suit you as an individual and bring out your flair.

Hand-picked thrifted items contribute to one’s development of unique style. Such fashion staples aren’t from your typical clothes from popular stores like H&M or Forever 21—they carry their own passion and character, mainly known to be hidden gems. You can obtain such special items while also trying out different styles you usually wouldn’t venture towards. You never know–maybe you’ll find yourself a vintage sweatshirt that no one else has, a special garment of clothing just for you and your wardrobe.

Hope this gave you further insights into the wondrous journey of thrifting! The idea of thrifting may sound strange to some, but it’s worth a shot and will not let you down.






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